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Stirling Road Murder (I)

By my queenstown on Monday, May 3, 2010 with 1 comment

"Dearest beloved wife Meera, you had a smiling face and a pleasant heart, it's a pleasure to recall the memories of you my beloved wife.You had a kind of love to me, lit my heart with your love on that special day which lit the light of love forever in my heart and soul. We had only five years together which we had two beautiful young ones.Time changed and destroyed our lives in many ways. You suffered violent and sad life, but you hoped and had faith for a bright future with us. But it left us with painful thoughts to bear as words can't describe the pain.
We had gone through, some how I hope to meet or hear your voice again and see your smiling face again which is my greatest wish.Even if we perish or the world come to an end, my love for you is eternal and I know the love for me dwells in your soul, which one day will reunite with my soul. May you remain in loving memories of loved ones.
Love you my dear till we meet."- As seen on the obituaries

The news article on the New Paper

Residents in Blk 181, Stirling Road are accustomed to the many controversial murders in the area but none has been so gruesome and disgusting.

One resident commented, "I heard screams and I opened my door then and saw somebody dashing over from the bus stop next to the MRT station."

Another resident from the same block 181 said, "The indian woman had her fists clenched tightly and there was lots of blood stains. Her leg was twisted and flipped over over the face... like she had fallen from a great height."

Mr Ang, a resident mentioned, "I was watching television when I heard a man and a woman squabbling loudly in a mixture of an Indian dialect and English near th bus stop. Soon after the piercing cries of a woman near the lift landing jolted me. A loud thud followed soon after and I thought it was a flower port. I went out of my flat to check and saw a woman with short hair lying unsconciously on the ground and there was blood on her face and her clothes were torn."

Goh Chin Hock who lives at Blk 182 said, "I was waiting for my colleague at the bus stop for a staff bus to ferry us to work. After the woman hit the ground, she moved a little before becoming still. I saw a dark complexioned man dressed in white shirt standing at the staircase near the ground floor lobby."

Gory footprints and the dead body

Madam Smaelmeeral Abdul Aziz's body was found on Sunday at the foot of Block 181, Stirling Road. It was reported that a trail of blood led to the 11th and the 13th floor of Blk 181. Her husband, Mr Tharema Vejayan Govindasamy, was convicted for murder leaving behind 2 young children of 4 and 2 years old. 

The unrepentant Tharema would later defend himself on a trial 2 years later in May 2009 that he was suffering a paranoid delusion caused by his belief that he had been cursed by black magic by his in-laws who wanted to break up his marriage because he refused to convert to Islam. Not convinced, the High Court ruled that he was to be hanged.

It was a sad, sad murder case where the young children had lost both their parents. I wondered how they would grow up without the affection and care of their mother. I wondered what would they ask from their Auntie behind the truth. Life's unpredictable. Let us cherish each and everyone around us and treat them with respect and kindness.

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August 17, 2015 at 2:35 PM

In your article you quoted that Residents in Blk 181, Stirling Road are accustomed to the many controversial murders in the area but none has been so gruesome and disgusting. May I know what are the other controversial murders are you referring to?

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