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The Suicide Block 181

By my queenstown on Saturday, May 22, 2010 with 0 comments

Our coverage on the Stirling Road murder in 2007 and subsequent legal proceedings in 2009 has evoke impressions of the Blk 181 in Stirling Road as a "suicide" or "haunted" block. Residents have responded to our threads in the Facebook last month that many suicide cases have occurred there. Being the No.1 Kaypoh group of residents and friends in the district, MyQueenstown has decided to explore this block of flats to discover first hand why Blk 181 is termed as such. We managed to approach Mr Lim, a bachelor, who has lived in Queenstown for over thirty years.

'Suicide' Block 181

Hi Mr Lim, it's nice to meet you. How long have you stayed in Queenstown?
I have stayed in Queenstown for almost 40 years. I stayed in Forfar House in Strathmore Avenue before moving to this current flat after it was announced that Forfar will be demolished and make way for new developments. Previously, I live in attap houses in Zion during the 1960s.

We have heard about Block 181 as a "suicide" and "murder" block where there are many instances in the past where many lives are "taken" because of this place is haunted. Are there any truths about the rumours?
Absolutely not! There's only one suicide case that I've known. It is about an old man who have several medical issues and become blind. He feels useless for being a burden to his family and become very depressed. So he has decided to end his life. With regards to the murder in 2007, the murderer and the victim resides in Block 182. If the stories about voodoo is true, those "evil spirits" should reside there, not Block 181!

Are you at home when the tragic murder took place?
No, I'm not at home. I am working night shift at that time! When I returned home the following morning, the police has cordoned off the entire lift lobby.

So may I ask if it's safe here in Blk 181?
Of course! We lived directly opposite the MRT Station! If there are crimes going on in this block, the commuters at the MRT Station will be able to see it. No thief or robber will be so stupid to commit crime under a broad daylight! However, there are some cases of sicko stealing female undergarments at night in the past.

Mr Lim declined to be photographed

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