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Taiwanese Idol Drama, HK Soaps or Korean Melodrama...What Do You Like?

By my queenstown on Saturday, May 1, 2010 with 0 comments

Hmm.. What's the hottest drama in town recently? Is it Korea's 媳妇全盛年代 (War-of-in-laws) or Hong Kong's 宫 心 计 (Beyond the Realm of Conscience). Yeah! Beyond the Realm of Conscience is a blockbuster drama shown in TVB in November 2009 about the treacherous concubine fighting for fame and power. (Not yet released in Singapore... Well I must have watch it somewhere!) Today, we chanced upon a video rental shop in Mei Ling/Mei Chin market area and was amused by the large number of videos available. So we enter the shop and saw Mdm Lin, a shop keeper for 10 years.

Ms Lin in front of her cash register!

Hi Mdm Lin, wow you must have been an avid drama fan. How did this business come about?
My family has done video distribution before moving to this area 10 years ago. We have a contract with the main distributor of major broadcasting firms such as TVB. Therefore, we are able to run the business!

It looks a bit quiet here...
Haha! It's afternoon and the older folks are most probably resting at home. Moreover, nowadays online platforms make it easier for youngster to stream the latest dramas and movie for a nominal fee or free! Therefore, we have to be very current in our sales. Video rental is a dying trade... maybe I have to consider some other occupation in the future!

Haha You must be a fan of TV drama! Tell us some of your favourite drama!
My favourite drama is 媳妇全盛年代. It's funny and entertaining, unlike soap dramas which are often draggy and quarrelsome! Yucks! 

What's your favourite drama? Happy Labour Day!
Wei Mun at Mei Ling Market Area
She can be found along this corridor!

Stacks of Videos! English Movies and Dramas too!

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