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2 Stories from Block 6C

By my queenstown on Thursday, May 6, 2010 with 1 comment

Like other iconic features located in Queenstown Central, Block 6C will be demolished in the coming few years as development plans kick in to transform Queenstown into a modern hosuing estate. Block 6C, like Blk 39A, are 2 flats that are considered the tallest at their prime. Today, we've spoken to two remaining residents of Block 6C who would tell us their stories of Block 6C and Queenstown.

Mdm Lim

Hi Mdm Lim, when will you be leaving this place?
I'll get my keys for the flat at Strathmore at 6th May.

How did you get by in the past years in Queenstown?
I've stayed for over 50 years in Queenstown. First, I've stayed in Blk 45 for 30 years before moving to Blk 6C. I've lived here for 19 years. I used to live in the Kampung located at Hong Lim Hill. There's a cemetery and temple there. Life was simple and the neighbours were pretty friendly. My husband died in 1961 and I had to go out for work to support my children. I work in Tanglin Secondary School as a hawker cooking Fried Bee Hoon until the school discontinued my service. I'm currently living with my youngest son. He's 53 years old.

Do you feel sad leaving Block 6C after living here for so long?
It will be troublesome but I don't have to feel sad or unhappy. My friends are all living in Queenstown and we would gather for a short while at Mei Ling market once every other day. 

Mrs Wang 

Hi Mrs Wang, how did the experience of Block 6C come about?
I used to live in Ang Mo Kio before I was married. I moved here after I am married. 

What's Block 6C like to you?
It used to be a very living place but it's quiet at night now. In the past, there used to be many tailor shops at the ground level making extra-large size clothes specifically for men. There were gold shop selling jewelleries that were trendy. The clinic, which is still opened at the moment, was there all these years. Across the road were 2 cinemas. In total, there were 3 cinemas and an emporium. Tah Chung emporium was like a departmental store which sold items clothes, cutlery and plates. Above Tah Chung was Golden Crown Restaurant. It sold pretty expensive food and we wouldn't get a chance to taste the food without a wedding invitation from our friends who were getting married.

Do You feel sad leaving this place?
Certainly. The flat isn't as big as before. And this place holds so much memories for me. This is the place where I get married and have a twin sons. Hopefully the house there will be fine but these memories will never go away.

Are the developments too quick to be accepted? These two residents of Block 6C have left such enduring impression of the place. Every place has its share of memories. I guess no one will understand how they feel when they eventually have to say goodbye!

One last look at Block 6C

Corridors were long in the past to encourage neighbours to talk to one another

The scenery of Queenstown captured 

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May 10, 2010 at 5:17 PM

Any one got picture of the old SIT Flats at Strathmore Ave, those 3 story flats that can still be found on Christmas Island

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