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Tonight@MyQueenstown #7-Music, Dance & Magic!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 with 0 comments

Every evening on the third Saturday of the month, throngs of Tanglin Halt residents will gather at the Community Plaza and watch an extravaganza of performers belting out familiar tunes, displaying slick dance moves and magic shows. This show, entitled CLAP!, will begin at 7.30pm and last for more than 2 hours.

All are welcome!

Residents are treated to a small goodie bag if they purchased tickets to the programme. If they chose not to buy any tickets, they are still welcomed to watch the performances for free at the slew of chairs arranged in front of the stage.

Professional emcees are engaged to host the shows. Organisers of the programme will also liaise with schools nearby to attract teenagers to perform some breathtaking break-dances. Catered to a predominant older crowd, karaoke singing sessions are scheduled at the final part of the programme for those "bold and courageous" elder folks who wish to display their undiscovered singing talents.

I'm an emcee! as well as a singer!

I think I'm the youngest one around!

The initial success of CLAP has not gone unnoticed among the drink vendors in Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre! According to James Lim, a member of the organising committee, commented that drinks stalls have seen an increased in sales during this programme as residents will munch on some snacks as they watch the performances!

How about the residents?

Mr & Mrs Yang, who live in Tanglin Halt, commented that they come to CLAP! every month because of the exciting programme line up which features magicians and break dances.
Mr and Mrs Yang

Johnson and his wife came for the first time after recommendations from their karaoke friends!

Johnson and his wife!

Ms Cai is attracted by the dances!

Nothing to do on a Saturday evening? You may wish to consider coming to CLAP!

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