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MyQueenstown Games!

By my queenstown on Saturday, July 17, 2010 with 0 comments

Last Sunday, MyQueenstown organised our first board games session and invited residents and friends of Queenstown to this fun filled activity. More than 20 residents across ages, racial groups and backgrounds attended MyQueenstown Games and had unparalleled fun in exploring their childhood days once more.

Participants at MyQueenstown Games!

We came here too!

So are we!

While many of the participants have not played board games for many years, others will arrange gatherings with their friends just to "play games." "No-brainer" games such as monopoly or UNO are popular among light hearted participants who prefer to relax over some onek onek to heavy games such as Small World, where participants need a little planning and thinking.

Snacks + Drinks + Games 

The games session lasted for 4 hours and many of us get to play 3 or 4 games! There were games that we never played before and we were glad that these "professionals" were there to enlighten us. 

For faint hearted fellows

For the chim chim people

We play these games!

Games, like food, music and football, have the magic to bring people together and foster bonds among themselves. Upon seeing our fellow residents and friends giggle in elation, we are sure this games session will not be the last!


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