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How Am I Supposed to Live Without Queenstown?

By my queenstown on Friday, April 23, 2010 with 0 comments

Heard the famous ballad "How am I Supposed to Live Without You" by Michael Bolton? Sometimes in life, we may make some choices that we regret. At times, we regret really badly! Today, we met a couple Dani and Jue, living in Blk 83, Strathmore Avenue who moved back to Queenstown from Jalan Sultan (Crawford). Let's find out why!

Dani and Jue

Hi Dani and Jue, where did you stay before moving back to Queenstown?
We used to live in those 4-storey SIT flats in Margaret Drive from 1959-1974. I can't remember the block number but my unit number is #01-373. Then I shifted to Holland Avenue in Buona Vista District of Queenstown before moving to Beach Road. 

Well, young Queenstown residents would normally shift to other places because the flats are bigger. Why did you choose to come back?
Hahaha. It's because of nostalgia! I miss Queenstown a lot while staying in Holland Avenue and Jalan Sultan. I miss the days watching movies in Golden City! Anyway it's pretty convenient in Queenstown. We are both retired already. We would normally go Tanglin Halt market to buy our groceries or settle our meals at the coffeeshop in Blk 27. 

So how's your life now?
Great! I have three daughters and 1 of them is married with two kids, one girl and one boy. So we are taking care of the kids at the moment. 

An open message to ALL Queenstown residents: Do think twice before moving out of Queenstown! It's everyone's favourite district at the moment! 

The jumbo flats where they stay!

Blk 83 used to stand on several SIT flats!

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