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No.1 Western Food

By my queenstown on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 with 0 comments

A standard plate of cutlet

Mine's bigger though!

No! Your computer hasn't hanged yet. Neither are we gundo to put TWO plates of cutlet. Yes! We ordered two plates of chicken cutlet from the No.1 Western Food Stall in Tanglin Halt Market. Well, it is a little unhealthy but who cares when it's nice? We have queued a cool 45 minutes to lay our hands and mouth on this piece of nicely fried tender chicken. Marinated with soy sauce and some other unmentioned ingredients, it has attracted many residents of ALL ages and ALL walks of life to the stall.

Mr Wang posed in front of his store!

Mr Wang, the store owner of No.1 Western Food has been in the business for more than 30 years. He first started out as an itinerant hawker peddling Western food because it is something that is unconventional and unique in the past. He would get his supply of fresh chicken thigh chops from a nearby market. 

On a typical day, he can sell up to 100 plates of chicken cutlet a day. From our websites, we understand that some of the residents in Tanglin Halt are pretty concern at the rise in price of their beloved cutlet. So, we approached Mr Wang. He mentioned that there's an increase in rental fees after the renovation and he has no choice but to pass these costs to the consumers. More expensive, Long queues, so what? As long as it tastes nice!

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