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It's A Long Walk to Dawson

By my queenstown on Thursday, April 15, 2010 with 0 comments

For some elderly residents in Queenstown, every journey seems long and tiring. Some of them may even struggle to trek the distance from their house to a nearby market where they can get their groceries or settle their meals. Today, I met Mr Woo Beng Chong, 70, along his daily trek to Dawson Place Shopping Centre where he settles his lunch.

Hi Mr Woo, nice to meet you. Are you a resident of Queenstown?
Yes, I am. I stay in Blk 52 in Forfar Heights. I used to stay in the Chap Si Lau (Fourteen Storey) flats along Margaret Drive.

When did you move into the estate?
I am a Teochew and I used to stay in the Kampungs located in Hougang for 25 years before moving to Toa Payoh Lorong 2. When I got married, I moved to Margaret Drive so that I stay closer to my mother-in-law. There i can take care of her. Otherwise my wife will be worried and not agree to marry me! My mother-in-law used to stay in the 7 storey SIT flats in Princess Margaret Estate.

I do notice your difficulty in walking down the ramp? What happened to you?
I got a stroke a few years back and I do have some trouble walking. I am still receiving treatment and physiotherapy regularly. It's painful and I feel useless sometimes to be a burden to others. What can I do? I still need to settle my meals. So I have to walk to Dawson every day to get my lunch.

Take Care!

Perhaps most of us walk a little "too fast" in our lives to notice these elderly folks who are physically less inclined to participate in their daily lives. Let us show a little concern for them and make their lives and our lives more meaningful!

Princess House-the last remaining 7 storey flat in the area.

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