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Let Me Get Drunk!

By my queenstown on Sunday, April 4, 2010 with 0 comments

It was pouring this afternoon when we took bus 195 to the market area in Commonwealth Crescent. Like other districts in Queenstown, this market area is a cozy and convenient one. The food centre was recently upgraded and the place is pretty neat and tidy. At one corner of the market square, we passed by an interesting "Mama Shop" which displayed all kinds of liquor from rice wine to martell. You name it, they have it. We walked into the shop and met the friendly Ong family, who is managing the shop.

Chip Aik Liquor Co at the corner of the Commonwealth Crescent market area

Hi Mdm Ong, who is managing this shop?
All of us! You have an old Mr Ong, my husband Mr Ong and me, Mrs Ong or Mdm Soh! This shops has been around for more than 40 years since the district was built. We stay in Ang Mo Kio but sometimes will occasionally rest in the house above us!

I'm kind of curious why are there so many wines on the display?
We've sold wine and beer for a long time. At first, our suppliers only have a few brands of wine. Later, their series and types of wines have increased, so we get to have more types of wines and liquors from them. Furthermore, some patrons tell us their preferences and hope that we can get it for them. 

Hi Old Mr Ong, how's the business around Commonwealth Crescent?
Well, it has been declining since the opening of those supermarket chains nearby. Furthermore, the change in the use of road has also resulted in less patrons to the shop. Some of the stalls have since converted their trade into other forms of trade.

Why will you consider doing a business like this?
I have been in this trade for 50 years since I was in the Kampung. At the start, I had a small shop in the village which sold goods that I bought from the market. Then I'll save money and expand slowly. It's important for us to stay rooted and take one step at a time!

Neat rows of goods

Commonwealth Crescent

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