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Queenstown's Version of NTUC Fair Price (I)

By my queenstown on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 with 0 comments

Rubbish, rubbish everywhere. It seems like Queenstown is getting dirtier and dirtier. Readers, you've been warned! This post does not contain any pretty sight in Queenstown but we've got plenty of disgusting photos and irresponsible people. This begs the question why are there so much rubbish in Queenstown? We let the photos do the talking.

Leaves, Leaves everywhere. It seems like the cleaner has not been working that morning (we took this photograph at 11am)

Rubbish along Commonwealth Avenue near Blk 27A

Rubbish in front of Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre

Crows munching on the rice thrown by a resident

Rubbish at Block 48 in Strathmore (taken by the RCs & authorities)

So, what's wrong with Queenstown? We've spent the whole day touring around Queenstown at various "hot spots" and witnessed numerous irresponsible residents throwing rubbish as and when they like. We approached some of them to find out what causes their anti-social behaviour.

One white collar worker, who only wanted to be known as James, commented, "Convenient, lor."

Another school boy from a school in Queenstown said, "I can't find any rubbish bin around!"

True, along the two sides of Commonwealth Avenue leading to the MRT Station, our team couldn't find a single rubbish bin available. However, that does not mean that users or pedestrians have the right to dirty the environment used by everybody. In Strathmore, although the number of rubbish bins can easily outnumber the number of food stalls in the hawker centre, we witnessed more disgusting behaviour. The respondents declined to be photographed for obvious reasons.

Hi Auntie Tan, why did you throw the packet lunch on the walkway? (Pointing at the Crows) You'll attract a lot of crows and pigeons!
I've finished eating so I don't want to waste my food.

It's hilarious. It's irresponsible. It's silly. All the replies given by the residents are uncannily disturbing. Is there a lack of education among the residents? 

Another resident, Mr Ong, who lives in Stirling Road, commented, "The PRCs throw, we also throw lah! What's the use of keeping the place clean?"

What's equally disturbing is this:
The Town Council vehicle laden with brooms is parked next to the MRT Station

We were interviewing residents on the possibility of re-routing long distance buses and spotted a scooter from the town council parked outside the bus stop. The driver/seen was seen talking on a phone by the side of the road for a full 2-3 hours while on duty (3-5pm). (We did not release the photo because it is not our intention to get the cleaner into trouble)

Earlier today, a resident, Jenn Lee-Ong commented on our facebook page, "There used to be this batch of cleaners from China who did such good work at Tanglin Halt blk 90 area. The place was always so clean because the cleaners stayed nearby and cleaned up everytime they found it dirty. Since they left after the contract ended, we noticed that the place is not as clean as before."

Keeping our environment clean is everyone's responsibility. We shouldn't shirk our responsibility simply because of convenience or "monkey see monkey do." While the authorities should investigate on the above matter, we ought to do our part to keep the public places clean. Queenstown is our home. It is not a rubbish dump!

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