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My Home, My Pride

By my queenstown on Thursday, April 8, 2010 with 0 comments

Blk 45, 48 and 49 are the first HDB flats built after the statutory board under the Ministry of National Development was established in 1960 to provide low cost affordable housing at the point of time where many Singaporeans are either living in unhygienic over crowded squatters or homeless. When one visits the these blocks today, some of us may ridicule at the "snail" speed of the lifts, which are built in that manner to save costs in the past. Today, these flats house many residents in rental apartments who are unable to afford a HDB flat. We met Mr Ahmad who lives in one of these 2-room rental flats.

Mr Ahmad is sitting on his chair

Good Morning Mr Ahmad, do tell us more about yourself.
I am a bachelor who has stayed in this rental flat for 5-6 years. I lived in Telok Blangah previously. I worked as a housekeeper and earns very little money each month.

What's different in the provision of housing then and now?
I used to stay in Kampungs where houses are pretty compact. After work, all our friends will gather and talk about their happenings for that day! It's great to be living here with many people around too. Everyone can care for one another and it's pretty safe.

Wow, you've kept your house in a very good condition!
Yes, it's very important to keep our houses clean and neat so that it has a homely feeling. I may be poor but I want to live in a house that is conducive for living. It is important to take care of ourselves too. I am old and have many illnesses. Let us help others and help ourselves.

It is puzzling how residents in Pasir Ris and Tampines can complain and ridicule at the plight of fellow Singaporeans living in rental flats. Who will want to be poor? As a community, we ought to look our for one another because one day when we grow old and need others to help us, they will come forward and lend a helping hand.

The long corridor..
Lift Lobby of Block 48

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