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MyQueenstown Kay Poh Club #1 - What's this Pink Building?

By my queenstown on Monday, September 27, 2010 with 1 comment

Why is the building pink? Why are there statues in the walkways along Commonwealth estate? Whenever you walk along the streets and alleys in Queenstown, you must have come across "weird" or "bizarre" objects. In our KayPoh Club, MyQueenstown Team will zer siao (Disturb in Hokkien) relevant agencies and organisations to answer our burning doubts on some of the weird occurrences and objects in our estate!

This pink coloured building along Margaret Drive was as old as his counterparts to his left and opposite. Built in the 1970s, it remained elusive to many residents as "very few" personnel was seen entering or leaving the building. Is it a sewage collection point? Or is it a radio signalling centre? We are pretty much puzzled too!

This Pink Coloured Building Was as Old as Queenstown Library

MyQueenstown Team went to Kay Poh around and asked some of the residents residing in Block 6C and Blk 39A for clues on this mysterious structure. Unofortunately, the answers were not conclusive because most residents did not "notice" the building!

Mdm Lim, a former resident of Blk 6C

Mdm Lim, who lived in Block 6C, told our team that this building is the central collection point for sewage. She saw "huge" trucks entering the site before! 

Another resident, Peter Cheng, who declined to be photographed felt that the site was a receiving station for radio signals and radio waves. 

Mired by these inconclusive answers, MyQueenstown Team sent out emails to many agencies such as Mediacorp, National Environment Agency, SP Services etc for an official response....

Ta Dah... SP Services replied us that this pink building served as an electrical substation where voltage is transformed from high to low using step-up transformers before distributing the electricity to our homes. As a distribution substation, it transfer power from the transmission system (located in the ground) to the distribution system of Queenstown district. This is because it is uneconomical to directly connect electricity for residents to high-voltage main transmission network, unless residents are using large amounts of power.

So, next time when you walked pass this pink building, do note that it is a electrical substation and not a sewage point!  

Huge Monsoon drains next to Commonwealth Avenue

Ever wondered where do the huge monsoon drains located next to Commonwealth Avenue lead to? And where are the sources of the drains? Let MyQueenstown Team Kay Poh Club find out more next week!

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Josh Nair said...
September 27, 2010 at 2:57 PM

keep being Kay Poh, its interesting and all these little bits of heritage and stories should be documented :P

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