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Uncle Agony #13- Education Financial Assistance

By my queenstown on Friday, September 3, 2010 with 2 comments

"Uncle Agony" is a segment where residents can email us their concerns and troubles. We will answer all your queries and hope that the issue, can be resolved in a peaceful and amicable manner. Of course, the information we provide are mere suggestions from our team and do not represent any official institutions or anyone. In this way, we hope Queenstown residents can "breathe a little easier...

MyQueenstown Team spotted one family of 6, 4 of whom are school going children during one of our visit to the rental flats along Stirling Road. This family is facing financial difficulties and find it difficult to sustain their expenses on the children's education.

MyQueenstown's reply: There are many financial assistance schemes available to ensure that no single child is deprived of education because of their family background. Affected residents can consider apply these financial assistance schemes:

Gross income of families with 1 or 2 children cannot exceed $1500 while families with 3 or more children cannot exceed $1800 per month. Beneficiaries can expect waiver of school fees, free school attires and bursary (for junior colleges)

The total income of the family must not exceed $1800 or $480 per capita income and the beneficiary must be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident. Successful applicants of the Headstart Fund can receive $50 a month. 

Available Bursaries range from Preschool to JC. SINDA will subsidise 75% of the monthly childcare fees for 1st to 4th child of the Indian family. There are various scholarships available in partnerships with other institutions. An example will be the Ng Lao Chik-SINDA Scholarship, which offers a value of $500 every year to secondary students whose family income per capita does not exceed $450.

CDAC offers Bursary to students who have good conduct in school and whose family income per capita does not exceed $300. The quantum of bursary differs from the education level of the child.

Study loan schemes are available for Singaporean Malays whose family income per capita does not exceed $450.

The Ngee Ann Kongsi gives out bursaries and scholarships annually to deserving Teochew students who qualify. Scholarships of up to $10K are given to students with excellent academic results, strong in co-curricular activities, and exhibit leadership qualities. Students with good academic results in need of financial assistance may apply for the bursaries. 

Hope that helps!

Disclaimer: Suggestions given by MyQueenstown Team may be used to resolve the issues. 

Do Email MyQueenstown Team at myqueenstown@gmail.com if you need solutions to your problems. If you have a pressing matter, do SMS 91769891.

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