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Tonight@MyQueenstown #14- Super Hot Hortpark!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 with 1 comment

23 hectares. 21 themed gardens. Opened in December 2007. HortPark, located in the outskirts of Queenstown, is the first one-stop gardening hub in Asia. Nestled in the South Ridges Park Ranges, it serves as a park connector between Kent Ridge Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. Visitors can expect a plethora of activities at HortPark. Many Queenstown residents may have visited HortPark in the morning for research, recreational and educational activities. But how does HortPark looked like at night? Let's find out!

Alexandra Arch which connects HortPark to Telok Blangah Hill Park

Ride on Bus Service Number 100 from Commonwealth MRT Station or 51 from Queenstown MRT and alight once you see the iconic rainbow Alexandra Arch. 

There is a elevated connector which links to the Arch. Bright scintillating lights make the concrete connector sparkle like a diamond in a night sky. This pathway can get a bit jerky and mind bogging for those who fear heights.

The Dazzling Connector to Alexandra Arch

Alexandra Arch is picture perfect and MyQueenstown Team spotted a few foreigners posing against the Arch. What fascinates us is the constant changing colours of the Arch which makes it dazzle against the onslaught of traffic. Visitors can choose to admire the beauty of the night sky in the Arch or rest against the concrete pavement.

The Beauty Alexandra Arch

The first themed garden, Floral Walk, greeted us. Strolling along the park with your loved ones, hand in hand, is romantic. The fragrant aromas of the many species of flowers soothe the tired mind and relieve the stress built up at work. There are signs around the gardens which inform enthusiasts on the origins and specifications of the plants. However, those who brought their children along must beware of the uneven pavement which ends abruptly (because of tessellation of the tiles). Otherwise, they may trip and fall.

Floral Walk

the graceful Chinese Rose

The entrance to HortPark is a gigantic shed that symbolises embracing and sincere architecturally. There is a visitor centre which assists visitors to navigate. However, it is closed at night. In order not to get holland, it is important for anyone to get a pamphlet about the directions. Anyway, there are sufficient signs within the park to locate yourself.

"Official" Entrance to HortPark

You can't miss this sign!

There are many themed gardens and trails within HortPark and you can try one every day for something exciting and unqiue. Amenities such as HortMart, which sells gardening and landscaping products, HortCentre, which displays different types of green roof systems are only available in the day. However, there are some interesting features such as Alfresco Dining and Pubs as well as Theme Gardens such as Water Garden, Herb and Spice Garden, which feature intricate landscaping and plant pruning, that we can visit in the night. Let's hop onto the trails!

Alfresco Dining in HortPark

The Silver Garden features a collection of silver, grey and white hued plants set against a backdrop of green dominated landscape. It is restful by day and somewhat mysterious by night. As the plants shimmer under the moonlight, it somehow calms us down in contrast to the energetic attractions elsewhere in the park.

Silver Garden

The Permaculture Trail is a concept garden which encompasses a science exploration and learning trails as well as an sustainable food garden also known as the edible yard. An array of vegetable crops, herbs and spices are naturally grown in the edible yard using only non chemical fertilisers and biological pest control. The aim is to create awareness and encourage people to adopt food gardens.

Permaculture Trail

At the end of the Tropical Bliss Themed Garden is a picturesque swimming pool, which gives a sense of added space. Visual and sound effects provided by the water jets at the pool bring about a sense of serenity and tranquility. Tropical plants are used as a common link to the entire display and provide a wholesome look. 

The picturesque Tropical Bliss Pool (like Heaven!)

Woohoo, this long stroll into the park has calm our senses and enriched us with knowledge on the natural world. Do come there and take a peek at the park! =)

Have you been to HortPark? Tell us your experiences at our facebook page now!

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