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A Day in A Life of A... Executive Assistant

By my queenstown on Monday, September 13, 2010 with 2 comments

Have you wondered what is it like to plan an event and execute it for a few thousand people? Logistics management such as the catering of refreshments, sound systems and the booking of venues has all to be settled in order for an event to run smoothly. Today, we shall look into the life of Mr Jeffrey Lim, 25, who works as an Executive Assistant in Singapore National University Hospital. 

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National University Health System Building

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Jeffrey works from 8.30am to 6pm on weekdays and has his weekends off. He can be said to be a project planner, specializing on organizing welfare activities for the staff in NUH. He has a quota to plan 5 events every month, including 2 lunch talks. The events mainly target to promote 4 main aspects of wellbeing – social, emotional, mental and physical. Besides organising welfare events, Jeffrey is in also charge of logistics planning such as the compilation and management of data from various departments.

At 8.30am in the morning, Jeffrey called the offices of various departments in NUH in order to inform them that he would be visiting. He was tasked to compile a list of flu vaccination requests by each individual department. The new enhanced Begrivac (H3N2) flu vaccine would be mainly decentralized to the women’s and children’s clinic. In addition, doctors who are often in touch who flu cases are also recommended to receive the vaccine. Jeffrey’s job is to compile the list and send it to the pharmacy which would prepare and implement the vaccination.

At 11.30am, Jeffrey and his colleagues prepare the afternoon lunch talk for the staff. Held in the staff lounge, Jeffrey also has to make sure that the venue is booked and the refreshments are catered.  

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Staff Lounge at NUHS

At about 2pm, Jeffrey visited the newly opened sports hall in NUH. He has to monitor the attendance of gym usage everyday in order to look into areas for improvement.  

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Lee Foundation Sports Hall

He is in charge of getting new sporting equipments from suppliers and that it was not an easy task. First, he had to gather quotations from the suppliers of equipment. He has to work within a strict budget. Next, he had to meet the suppliers who offer the best deals. Lastly, he has to propose the resources that will be used, in the meeting with his manager and finalise the deal. Jeffrey has to meet suppliers and collaboration partners on a daily basis as he always has 2-3 projects on hand concurrently. 

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New Running Equipments in Gym

Jeffrey finds it rewarding to finish every project successfully from the start till the end. He enjoys the process and always looks forward to gaining valuable experiences meeting new people each day. The most memorable event that he took charge of was the opening ceremony of the new sports hall. It was his first time organizing a successful major event. However, as a busy man, Jeffrey jokingly exclaimed that he cannot even find time to have a proper meal sometimes. 

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Jeffrey is currently studying for a degree in Singapore Institute of Management, majoring in Psychology. He would like to be a certified councilor one day. Occupied both in work and studies, Jeffrey does not forget to contribute back to the society by being an avid community volunteer in Queenstown.

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