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Korean Wave Sweeps Through Queenstown!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 with 0 comments

So what's the latest entertainment trend in Queenstown? Let MyQueenstown E! Station peek into the tastes and preferences of residents on the latest movies, music, TV programmes and fashion in this brand new column today!

Korean wave has swept Singapore upside down in the past three to four years and Queenstown is not spared. Growing popularity of South Korean pop culture make many movies, music and TV programmes a staple in our daily life. So what are the most fashionable pop music recommended by our residents?

Crystal (left) loves Korean music

Crystal lives in Strathmore and she is a big fan of Korean pop music or K-pop in short. One of her favourite K-pop artiste is SNSD (aka Girls Generation). She recommends SNSD because their songs are nice and the girls are pretty! SNSD is a 9-member female band formed in 2007. They have released 2 full length albums and is known for their hit single "Gee." This super single holds the record for occupying #1 spot in Korean Broadcasting Station (KBS)'s music bank for 9 weeks! They have released a second album in 2010 featuring new song, "Oh!"

SNSD's new Single "Oh!"

Young, pretty and energetic; It's not difficult to find out why young peeps in Queenstown are crazy over SNSD and other Korean songs. For newbies into Korean music, let E! Station pick up some of the hottest Korean pop songs from boyband, Super Junior and teen sensation, BoA. 

BoA's Hurricane Venus

Bonamana by Super Junior

Blast your speakers while you're listening the above dance tracks! And if you like, you may end up dancing to the addictive beats like how secondary students in Queenstown do! However, if you prefer sentimental ballads, look out for evergreen star Baek Ji Young's hit ballad for Korean No.1 drama IRIS, Don't Forget! 

Don't Forget

Are you struck by the virus which spreads Korean culture around Queenstown? Follow the trend now!

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