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MyQueenstown Kay Poh Club #3 - What are These Signs on the Floor?

By my queenstown on Monday, October 11, 2010 with 0 comments

Why are we so kaypoh? We don't know. But we'll publish everything we see or hear about Queenstown! 

Several residents wrote to ask a few months ago that they find it strange to see "Warning" signs in their neighbourhood - and lots of them. These warning signs, which is circular shape, can be seen along the streets and roads in Tanglin Halt, Commonwealth and Margaret Drive. So what is the unofficial explanation for that? 
Gas Tank In Tanglin Halt

Residents told us that there was a giant gas tank in Tanglin Halt in the 1970s and 80s. This tank supplies the housing and industrial estate with an adequate ad continuous supply of gas for domestic and other usages. It was subsequently removed in the 1990s when gas supplies run underground for security purposes as well as maximising land spaces for other uses.

Pressure of numerous warning signs in Tanglin Halt

According to the email sent by SP Service, the purpose of installing these warning signs is informing contractors that there are gas pipes directly below the ground surface and the contractors are required to inform SP Services or Public Utilities Board if they are proceeding with excavation works in the area. Contractors will be fined or suspended if they fail to do so.

The Gas Tank in the 1970s

Although the email mentioned the purpose of these warning signs, it did not say why they come in really huge numbers in several districts in Queenstown (although we sent a number of replies back). Itched by this doubt, we asked a retired contractor, Mr Alex Lim, whose firm deals with public road works in Singapore. He explained to us that gas pipes and electricity circuits in newer estates are placed much deeper so that the land above the pipes and circuits can be maximised for other uses. In older estates, these pipes are dug relatively shallower (around 2-5m deep). So it may be a hazard if any contractors come and "disrupt" the utilties supply!

Woohoo! Here's our teaser for next week!

Ration Cards

My Queenstown received a precious gift from one of our resident during a house visit. It is a ration card, which dated back to 1952 (58 years ago!). Do residents still remember how these ration cards are used in Queenstown?

Tell us your guess at our facebook page now!

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