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Is the Town Council Deaf to All Criticisms?

By my queenstown on Wednesday, October 27, 2010 with 2 comments

What can you do in four months? Fours months is an awfully long time. There are  2880 hours or 172,800 minutes in four months. In the past four months, Singapore has hosted the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, her 45th National Day Parade, the 3rd F1 Grand Prix and other many events. However, in these four months, nothing is changed in the maintenance of Queenstown. Concerned residents have emailed us every day and lamented on the conditions of the estate.

Four months ago, MyQueenstown Team has published an exclusive news article which gives residents an insight on what has gone wrong to our town council which receives No.1 ratings among all the town councils in Singapore. You may wish to read it here. There are several problematic spots within the estate which has gone unnoticed. After the publication, the town council has appeared to fix the places, much to the residents' delight.

No more dangling wires at Stirling Road

Protruding Wires are fire hazards and they are dangerous

The same spot 4 months later

We thought the publication of serious maintenance lapses will spur the town council to listen to the residents' concerns. The fixing of the danging wires at the rental blocks along Stirling Road is a good start. As the Chinese saying goes, "A leopard never change its spots," perhaps some things will never change.

Uneven tiles next to Block 58 4 months ago

Now, nothing seems to change as the tiles remain uneven

There's a new complaint about the state of maintenance in our estate from the residents every day. Some of the residents are getting frustrated by the lack of action (not even a reply in email) despite repeated reminders to the Town Council.

A resident with the name, Mr Alfred Lim, commented, "I've sent many emails to the Town Council in the past but have stopped to do because nothing has been done... The drains along Commonwealth Drive is often clogged with this white colour substance... not sure if it's detergent or oil but it gives off a foul smell... It happens once or two weeks and it's worse during hot weather."

Clogged Drains along Commonwealth Drive

The drains are located next to Block 60

There are other residents who wrote in and told us about the lack of maintenance in the estate:

1) Block 39A Commonwealth Avenue
"Foul smell, clogged drains and littered corridors. I understand that majority of the residents in this block have shifted to Dawson but there are still some of us who choose to stay a little longer. Why is the Town Council stopping all the maintenance works in the block? Is it because there are too few residents in the block?"

2) Stirling Road (towards Tiong Ghee Temple)
"There are many cats and crows in this area... Sometimes the rubbish bins (outside the Community Centre) aren't even cleared for days, sometimes a week! We are poor, but we pay our S&CCs. I thought elections are coming, why are they treating us this way?"

For the entire list of maintenances, do write in to get it from us. While some of the issues, such as littering, raised by the residents require the cooperation of the entire community, it perplexes some of us why the Town Council has chosen to brush these issues aside continuously by not responding to the residents. At the very basic, they could have replied to these concerned residents and assured them that actions would be taken. Does it take months or years to formulate a reply? Their ignorance to the residents' concerns simply add on to the residents' burdens and worries. What if an elderly got tripped by the uneven tile? What if the clogged drains became a breeding ground for dengue infected mosquitoes? We've seen how hardworking and diligent some of the Bangladeshi workers are. Is there something wrong with the management and the communications (PR) department within the Town Council? We leave you to decide.

After all, Queenstown is our home and all of us have a "stake" in the community.

What do you think about our Town Council? Tell us in our facebook now!

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Supersasha said...
October 28, 2010 at 3:32 PM

OMG! That wire and drain is just DISGUSTING!!

Queenstown said...
December 6, 2010 at 7:22 PM

its really great.

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