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MyQueenstown Kay Poh Club #5 - Why are there so Many Churches in Queenstown?

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One look at the street directory of Singapore and the addresses of 9 churches pop out. Within Queenstown estate, there are 15 places of worships. 2 of them are temples and clans, 3 of them mosques and the remaining is a Hindu mosque. Wait a minute... MyQueenstown Team has done a sampling exercise earlier this year on about a thousand residents and the results reveal that 6.5% of the residents practise Islam, 5% on Hindu, 48% on Buddhism and Taoism and about 26% of the residents are Christians or Catholics. This figures intrigues us. Why are they so many Churches in Queenstown although majority of the residents practise other religions? Let us kaypoh kaypoh!

Church of the Good Shepherd in Dundee Road is founded on June 1959. It is Queenstown's first Church.

Kindergarten at True Way Presbyterian Church. It is Queenstown's 2nd Church opened in 1961.

When the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) planned for five neighbourhoods in Queenstown, they actually planned the neighbourhoods right down to the very last detail. This included details such as working out the necessary ratios of amenities to the number of residents. For example, one shop will be built for every 150 residents; 18 primary schools for projected 10,600 students; and 1.76 acres of open space for every 1,000 residents. 

Queenstown Baptist Church was established in 1962

A photo of Faith Methodist Church in 1962

To cater to the religious needs of the residents, seven plots of land were reserved for building places of worship. Prior to 1959, Tiong Ghee Temple, Sri Muneeswaran and Ying Fo Fui Kun had taken roots in Queenstown.  SIT advertised for interested organisations to ballot for the plots. Out of the ten enquiries, four withdrew because they fear that their devotees, who were mainly Straits Chinese living in Chinatown, would disagree on coming t Queenstown for prayers and rituals. Hence, only 6 Christian oganisations which were to build the first six churches in Queenstown between 1959 and 1969.

Blessed Sacrament Church was opened on 1965.

Lutheran Church is the final of the six initial Churches built in Queenstown

After the closure of Venus and Golden City theatres and the departure of Ministry of Environment opposite Princess house, three churches sign on temporary leases to operate.

Church of Our Saviour and The Fishermen of the Christ Fellowship 

Hephzibah Christian Fellowship at Strathmore

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