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No.1 Town Council?

By my queenstown on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 with 2 comments

It's Wednesday and it's time for MyQueenstown to dig out the rumours, the gossips and the chit chatters among Queenstown residents for the past one week. Today, we heard many frustrated voices among Queenstown residents, who sighed in dismay at the terrible condition of their estate and felt confused over the Town Council Report released a fortnight ago! We'll find out why.

A walk along Commonwealth Drive (near the Blk50s++) and one may discover traces of maintenance lapses. At a footpath next to Block 58, our reporter-at-large was found wanting after tripping over uneven tiles/bricks. To his shock/horror, he saw bricks jutting out the footpath. What happened?

Mdm Josephine, who walks along the footpath daily to the bus stop, commented, "It has been there for the past 5 years. Many residents have informed the Town Council and the HDB. Nothing is done! I've witnessed at least 5 or 6 elderly and kids tripping over the tile in a week alone."

Ms Tan, a childcare teacher, lambasted the poor maintenance, "It's an old estate! If they want to change the tiles, they would have done so many years ago! They cannot tell us that it's an old estate and this is why there are maintenance lapses."

Mdm Wong, 55, who lives in Tanglin Halt for more than 20 years, commented, "It's such an irony. HDB is just opposite this block and I guess the staff prefers working in the air conditioner environment to walking the ground!"

Uneven tiles next to Block 58

You can lift it up easily

The extent of the damage
Are other districts in tiptop condition? We seriously doubt so. Over at Blk 48, Stirling Road, MyQueenstown Team is equally shocked to discover dangling wires at almost every level of the stairway. These wires, as we understand, have been "dangling" for the past 7 years.

Mr Ahmad

Ahmad, a rental resident in Blk 48, commented, "There are children playing in the staircases. I wonder what may happen if one mischievous kid plays with the wires unknowingly."

Christine Chan, a volunteer with a nearby church, says, "We have asked the authorities on numerous occasions to fix the wires and the electricity casing. It seems that this block are mostly rental residents and perhaps that's why they are unwilling to come over."

Dangling Wires

More dangling wires

Even More Dangling Wires!

While the content of the article sounds desperate and frustrated, our team is equally concerned at the deteriorating condition of the estate. We do not possess any ill intention to discredit any parties who have worked hard in keeping the estate spick and span but we do question why these complains are conveniently ignored or checks are not conscientiously done! 

Three Words: Queenstown Needs Maintenance!!

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James Ong said...
June 23, 2010 at 6:06 PM

Sad to see such a beautiful estate disintegrate into this state

azad said...
July 11, 2010 at 11:53 PM

I just called the EMU services @ around 2pm, to report abt the faulty ventilation fan in a lift in my mum's block. But to my despair when i was abt to return to my own home @ clementi, no maintenance officer was there to rectify the problem.

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