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Tonight@MyQueenstown #3: We're the Line Dance Club!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 with 0 comments

The multi purpose pavilion between Blk 82 and Blk 83 along Strathmore Avenue is full of life and vigour every Tuesday night. From afar, MyQueenstown Team can see a group of ten to a dozen ladies dancing happily to the beats of oldies such as "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" and bubblegum Asian pop songs such as "Nobody." No, it is not an activity organised by the Residential Committee (RCs). It is their pastime to be learning line dancing. And It is their joy to be mingling with their neighbours and friends living in the vicinity!

The group of Super Hip ladies!

Leading the group of modern aunties is Susan (second from the left), who lives in Strathmore since 1993. She is the volunteer-teacher, who joins jam parties and learns from professionals before passing on her knowledge about line dancing the rest of the ladies. Most of them live in Strathmore. 

Susan is an avid fan of line dance. She fell in love with the healthy pastime since 2003. For the past 2 years, aunties who live in Strathmore, have progressively join this line dancing group. A mother of 3 and grandmother of 3 young kids, she would source for oldies from Anchorpoint and makes sure she prepares herself by bringing a portable radio and dance instructions to the pavilion.

Doris, a member of the line dancing club, concurs, "This is an healthy activity!"

Housewives or Aunties, young and old alike, have only one wish-Keep Healthy! So, don't be a stereotypical skeptic and think that line-dancing is only for the elderly! Join them and your night will never be the same again!

Learning Line Dancing Steps from Susan

Tempted to Join Them?

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