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Thrills, Spills and Chills!

By my queenstown on Saturday, June 26, 2010 with 0 comments

The evening sun is scotching. And our tummies are rumbling. We made our way to Portsdown via Tanglin Halt to witness for ourselves the last few times where trains will honk past our estate with grace and splendour. Together, we trek the old flats built during the colonial period and stood at the dilapidated area where the fences were located.

Although some of the participants had lived in Tanglin Halt or Queenstown for a good part of their lives, many of them admitted that it was their first time waiting for the trains deliberately. Perhaps the hustle and bustle in our lives had stolen our precious time and made it impossible for us to enjoy the moment at its finest!

Say "Cheese" with the tracks!

Ooo.. I'm Cool!

Behaving like kids all over again, we arranged the stones/rocks on the track and waited for the train to run over them and crush them into fine sand. 6.10pm and the red coloured train zoomed past us! As the train went over the stones, the stones exploded into a mist of dust. Cool! 

Fine dust particles

We followed our path down Woking Road and turned left into Portsdown Road. We trekked our way past the beautiful and gigantic Ang Mo Chus which we fondly looked up to when we were young. Childhood days were indeed so beautiful. 

Rows of beautiful colonial houses

Pietrasanta Restaurant was located at the Wessex Village Square. There were a few other pubs and bars in the square which served authentic European food. The retro-themed ambience in Pietrasanta was another draw. It seemed as if we were having a mass candle-light dinner!

Wessex Village Square

There we are!

The dinner was sumptuous and filling. We tasted one of the best delicacies in town and drank to our hearts content while reminiscing about our childhood days and talking about everything under the sun!

Yummy Pizza!

Yummy Fillet!

Darkness fell. The roads along Portsdown appeared quieter and dimmed. We looked up the cloudless sky and saw an array of stars accompanying the moon. Life's so beautiful with friends around you!

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