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Tonight@MyQueenstown #1: Run! Queenstown Run!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 with 0 comments

A resident commented on our facebook recently, "Queenstown is Boring!" Dejected by such claims, MyQueenstown team has decided to explore Queenstown at night and showcase our vibrant community to residents, friends and passer-bys so that this image of Queenstown, that is, a dead estate town, will be diminished. Furthermore, Queenstown residents who felt disinterested after a long work day can consider visiting to these places! 

"Where did all the Queenstown residents go to after 7pm?"

Answer: Alexandra Canal Linear Park!

Today, MyQueenstown team visits the active-all-day-and-all-night-long park at Alexandra Canal at 7.30pm. The sky was still bright and the air was simply fresh! But the park is full of families and residents who lived around Queenstown!

Su Wai is one of the avid park goers!

Su Wai, 22, a LAW UNDERGRADUATE at SMU, visited the park once a week. She lives at Forfar Heights for over a year and loved the park because it is convenient and beautiful. Erms, Her facebook profile indicates that she is still single!
The Loh family-skaters and skateboarders!

Besides simply jogging, Alexandra Canal Linear Park is extremely wide and has a special themed skateboarding playground where skaters, rollerbladers and skateboarders can practise their skills! That's why MyQueenstown met Mr Loh and his 3 young kids, who visited the park every other day! Besides other famous parks such as East Coast and Pasir Ris, there isn't any parks in the heartlands for such "Extreme" sports! 

Leon and his beloved pet!

Is the Park condusive for pets? Yeah! A loving couple, Leon and Sabrina, brought their pet dog for a walk at the park all the way from Redhill! Why? Very Obvious hor!

Mr Ronald Chan, 80++

Alexandra Canal Linear Park is not just a recreational spot for the young and the energetic residents and friends of Queenstown. Mr Ronald Chan, who lives in Mei Ling Street, visits the park twice a week. He feels that the air in the park is fresher, the park is quieter with less cars!

Yeah, Alexandra Canal Linear Park is a pretty place with lots of activity and hype at night. Who dares to say Queenstown is boring now? Wheee...

Ricksen who lives at Blk 82

Finally, we can take a scenic shot of the park at night!

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