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MyQueenstown Navigates!

By my queenstown on Friday, June 4, 2010 with 0 comments

My Queenstown Community Portal

MyQueenstown is an integrated platform of blogging, facebook, twitter and SMS service which aims to connect the residents of different background, different faiths, different racial and language groups together in this large Queenstown community. We aim to inspire a collective memory and destiny for the future with extensive coverage on the history, the people, the places and the activities in Queenstown. We also aim to provide Queenstown residents with an alternative source of entertainment and information because knowing our community better can empower us greatly!
MyQueenstown Blog is a website that introduces Queenstown estate through our scribbles about the history of Queenstown, the nice makan and shopping places, the people and the social news! You can tell us what interesting stuff you wish to see and know more! We'll try to kaypoh whenever possible!
MyQueenstown Facebook is the interactive page to engage the residents on the hot topics and reminisce on our collective memory as a community. We'll update the facebook page daily (Guarantee)! You are welcomed to publish anything (photos, complains, memories) as long as they don't contain any racist content, political thrusts or business advertisements!
MyQueenstown Twitter contains real time updates on the traffic conditions along roads in Queenstown or events going on in Queenstown. If you are bored anytime of the day, you can consider going to those places on the tweet!
MyQueenstown SMS is a community SMS service which provides geographical assistance and community enquiries. So if any former Queenstown residents get down to Queenstown and "holland" because of the frantic developments here, feel free to SMS 91769891 with your name and details. We will SMS you ASAP! Furthermore, if you spot any folks requiring some form of community assistance, we will go down and see what kind of assistance is required to help them!
MyQueenstown Events are monthly activities we organise to bring residents of all ages and background together. We have visited spooky places in Queenstown and had one Makan session! We will be having Flying Kite Sessions together.
MyQueenstown Heritage Trails, as the name suggests, is a trail around Queenstown heritage places where we are approached to conduct for interested groups, student bodies, research or agencies. We have conducted 4 trips so far to tourists and newspaper agencies who approach us! We don't collect any financial rewards but we hope to propagate our rich heritage to people living elsewhere! Simply SMS us or email us if you wish to go for a tour of Queenstown!
Love @ MyQueenstown is an ongoing project where residents and friends of Queenstown will visit all the households in Queenstown to understand fellow residents better! Through this form of interaction, we hope that residents can learn more about the estate and targeted help can be rendered to needy residents with the relevant bodies and VWOs!
My Queenstown-the Book is an upcoming long term project where we will collect information, memories and experiences from residents and "try" to publish them into a book! Do email us if you can contribute to our giant collection. Let's make this book the most "soulful" book! We have started interviewing residents and received some interesting insights and pictures about Queenstown!
In the upcoming months, MyQueenstown has plans of organising community projects such as MyQueenstown See-A-Dentist and MyQueenstown Funeral Fund. Do support us in making Queenstown a vibrant and caring community! 

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