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MyQueenstown Kite Flying!

By my queenstown on Saturday, June 12, 2010 with 0 comments

Beads of sweat trickled down our shoulder when the afternoon sun blazed mercilessly at the Margaret Drive Open Space. A light drizzle in the morning seemed to diminish our hopes of flying kites since rain had been a common denominator of the weather throughout the entire this week. All our worries were uncalled for. The sun was a blessing and the light breeze was a plus. We, the kite flying enthusiasts, set the Strathmore skyline alight, with our youth and exuberance and caught the stares and glees of many nearby residents! Yeah, Queenstown is forever young! =)

The players plus a few others not in the picture

We were initially surprised by an uncle who drove his van to the car park and passed us a beautiful kite! He must have gotten wind of our activity and decided to support us! We were obviously untrained and inexperienced when we started flying at 2pm.  Strings were entangled and the kites couldn't seemed to follow our will and fly into the sky. Some of us were slow in reeling back the thread to make it fly or releasing them to make it go higher! The kites "holland" and often resulted in a myriad of laughters!

"Paiseh I didn't know why the kite fly towards me instead!"

Sian... the thread keeps entangling

Many of us got a free tanning session this afternoon. While we expected rain to arrive either in the early or late afternoon, it never materialised. Instead, the sun was getting brighter and brighter. We drank gallons of water and needed some really cold stuff to cool ourselves down. 

Resting and gulping the popsicles!

Some of us seemed to become a professional kite flyer over night. Our kites flew higher and higher-The eagle designed kite was even taller than the Strathmore and Dawson blocks. Some crows that flew passed mistakenly taught that it was a real eagle and detoured! 


Evening seemed to come too soon today! We had our fun and it was definitely enjoyable. We had our dinner at Ridout and shared our stories among ourselves! Do join us the next time round! Wheeeee

We're coming back again!

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