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Saturdays @ Ang Moh Chus

By my queenstown on Saturday, June 19, 2010 with 0 comments

There are many things you can do in Queenstown on a Saturday. Be it Kite Flying or Makaning sumptuous food with the MyQueenstown Team, there are many activities and places you can explore in Queenstown. In our all new editorial feature, we will showcase all the obscure activities that Queenstown residents do and meet all the interesting fellows through interviews and videos.

In one of our most commented posts last week, many residents have come forward and tell us about their great memories of the KTM tracks at Tanglin Halt and how they will cross the tracks and come over the Portsdown for some exciting discovery trails or chill-out sessions like the one we will be conducting soon! However, some residents may not know that Portsdown houses a few art galleries and holds arts classes. Today, My Queenstown team will explore one of them and interview its founder, the multi-talented James Holdsworth.

Ang Mo Chus in Portsdown

Blk 26 where James Holdsworth's gallery and art classes are located

Assistant Professor James Holdsworth was educated in the United Kingdom and has a degree in Fine Arts. He works in the Nanyang Technological University and conducts art classes at two locations, namely Portsdown and Blk 43, Jalan Merah Sega in Chip Bee Gardens. Block43 Studio-Gallery is one of the region’s first artist run galleries for Fine Art education and it is dedicated towards educating all who are interested in exploring art, ranging from beginner level through to tertiary level. He has won numerous awards, such as John Bell Simpson Award for Painting. Some of his widely acclaimed works include "Sentosa from Mount Faber" (2002) and "Sungei Buloh View From Tower." We are unable to republish his works but you can visit his website!

Mr Holdsworth has stayed in Portsdown for the past 10 years. He explained that his arrival in Singapore was an accidental and he did not expect himself to stay for so long! His most memorable impression on Singaporean students was their fear and anxiety while taking art courses. As the education system in Singapore does not focus on aesthetics development, many students who are inclined in arts do not get support from the government. He noted that rents at the bungalows in Portsdown has been surging from $2000 to $4000. He felt that a vibrant Arts community can make Singapore a more attractive and exciting place to live in! 
James Holdworth

The art classes he conducted (Courtesy of Blk43.com)

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