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Tonight@MyQueenstown #2: Chicken Wing, Chicken Wing, Here I Come!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 with 1 comment

It's time to makan! Many Queenstown residents fret when they come home at 8pm or 9pm and don't know what to eat. Hawker Centres in Margaret Drive and Mei Chin Road resemble a ghost town while coffee shops at Tanglin Halt serve uninteresting leftovers from lunch. Does Queenstown have any nightspots for a decent and palatable meal? Yeah, I bet there is one. Let's travel to Commonwealth Crescent Market Area for some tasty chicken wings and economic meal!

Yummy Yummy Chicky Chicky Wings

Take 195 from Queenstown MRT and alight at Blk 92 bus stop. Look out for a distinctive chicken wing sign at the shophouse opposite the bus stop and there you go! Chicken Wings from Eng Kee has received many accolades include Makansutra and ZaoBao.com. The owner, Mr Aw, 58, has been wiping up mind bogging chicken wings for the past 20 years. He was formerly a chef in Johor Bahru for 30 years and currently resides in Bukit Batok. He plans to retire in the next two to three years due to health conditions and he is pretty sad that there are nobody there to take over his business. So, don't hesitate! Hurry and try the yummy chicken wings for yourself!

Look out for this sign!

Mr Aw stood in front of his stall before the peak dinner hours

When My Queenstown poked around and asked for his secret recipe, he mentioned that his marinating sauce is very common and asserted that techniques of frying will be more important than anything else when delivering a sumptuous meal. He uses pepper, salt and MSG for his chickens imported from Brazil. 

Hot and peppery juices spurted out of the chicken wing when we took a gentle bite on the succulent and tender chicken meat. The alluring combination of chicken wing and simple economic fare like fried rice and bee hoon was another highlight. Having tried chicken wings from IKEA and Tanglin Halt, we felt that chicken wings from this stall is simply heavenly.

Snaking queues at night

When My Queenstown team arrives in the early evening at 4.30pm, queues have already started forming. We need to squeeze out some precious time from Mr Aw for an interview. When he commented that he would sell 300 chicken wings a day, we stared in disbelief for a moment and marvelled at his humility. These queues will continue until 9pm and it is not uncommon for someone to wait for more than 30 minutes before getting himself over one chicken wing. It is also not uncommon for residents to order 10-20 chicken wings (including some ladies we spotted) and munch them while chatting over a cup of tea with their friends.

Cars parking in Commonwealth Crescent

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Anonymous said...
November 3, 2011 at 2:00 AM

Owner of this stall had shifted to redhill. no longer work at commonwealth. for customers who want to try his heavenly chicken wings, please try block 85 near redhill MRT station. its still the same signboard with same owner (:

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