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A Day In A Life of A... Social Worker

By my queenstown on Monday, June 7, 2010 with 0 comments

There's a Chinese saying that goes, "All Jobs Are Equal." Residents and friends of Queenstown have toiled laboriously in the lifetime, hoping to carve a niche or bring better living conditions to their families. Let us explore the careers undertaken by Queenstown residents and friends, share their ups, their downs, their sorrows and their happiness in a brand new series "A Day in A Life of A..."

Today, we have Kelvin Ang, who has been working in Singapore General Hospital as a social worker for over 4 years. He studied in Queenstown Primary School and spent his childhood days in Queenstown. Even though he then moved to Clementi, Kelvin had been an avid volunteer in his old neighborhood since year 2000.

Kelvin and Us at Tanglin Halt

Kelvin’s working hours are from 9am to 6pm every weekday. He handles mainly those over the counter cases, where patients are unable to pay their medical arrears due to financial problems. He assesses the cases and help the patients fill up various financial application forms. Kelvin’s job also includes him being dispatched to various applicants’ apartments to personally assess their financial situations.

Seems like a tough job doesn’t it? MyQueentown team asked Kelvin why he chose to be a medical social worker. He explained that the main reason is to be able to help people with medical problems doubled with genuine financial difficulties. In addition, he sees himself being able to work more efficiently, as a social worker, than his previous job in the shipping industry

The terrible condition of a resident at Tanglin Halt

At around 7.30pm, we tagged along one of his voluntary home visits after his work, to determine whether a Queenstown resident is qualified to receive monthly financial assistance from a charitable organization. The 52 year old resident has been requesting to be included in the scheme since last year.

Mdm XX works 2 hours per day as a cleaner in a hotel situated in Orchard and she lives alone in a purchased 2 room apartment in Tanglin Halt. Both her parents passed away a few years ago and she has a brother and a sister. She has been receiving free medical and dental care from the nearby polyclinic. During the interview, Kelvin expressed his experience in the assessment through calm and precise probing questions about Mdm XX’s financial status. He explained that there do not exist any ‘hard criterion’ for approving cases.

Bedroom of Mdm XX

OMG Look at the creaky and unkempt bedroom!

Kelvin derives happiness whenever he sees needy residents being given financial assistance after his home visits. Moreover, he is also greatly concerned about the increased number of Singaporeans living outside their means through the usage of credit. ‘These people are not living within their means and should seriously consider the consequences of not doing so.’ Nevertheless, when he witness what he does can change the lives of the families, he feels a great sense of achievement!

Yeah.. He is born and bred in Queenstown!

Finally can go home!

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