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Uncle Agony #2-Mr Mosquitoes

By my queenstown on Friday, June 18, 2010 with 0 comments

Started last Friday, "Uncle Agony" is a new segment where residents can email us their concerns and troubles. We will answer all your queries and hope that the issue, can be resolved in a peaceful and amicable manner. Of course, the information we provide are mere suggestions from our team and do not represent any official institutions or anyone. In this way, we hope Queenstown residents can "breathe a little easier."

This week, Mr Chan, 42, a resident who lives in Dawson has some questions regarding mosquito breeding for us!

Hi MyQueenstown Team, I have read the newspapers last week and understood that several districts in Singapore such as Clementi West had numerous cases of dengue fever. I lived near Dawson Place and understood there were construction going on. At times, I would see choked puddles of water in the construction sites and I am worried that these places may be breeding sites for mosquitoes and my young children may be affected! What am I supposed to do?

The deadly Mosquitoes!

MyQueenstown's Reply: 

Hi Mr Chan, there are several ways which you can try to alleviate your worries and we feel the Quick Feedback Service provided by the National Environment Agency for mosquitoes breeding via SMS is convenient and spontaneous! Simply send them an SMS using the following format and send it to 74688-

NEA (space) Feedback (space) Name

NEA I saw some choked puddles of water at the construction site in Dawson. It was there for the past 5 weeks Mr Chan

An acknowledgement SMS will be sent to you and the officials will carry out an investigation on the claims!

Disclaimer: Suggestions given by MyQueenstown Team may be used to resolve the issues. 

Do Email MyQueenstown Team at myqueenstown@gmail.com if you need solutions to your problems. If you have a pressing matter, do SMS 91769891.

Choked Drains

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