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By my queenstown on Thursday, June 10, 2010 with 0 comments

When MyQueenstown Team compares the prices of similar ring files and other stationery items in N S Bookshop and other mega stationery chain (you can easily guess it!), they are found to be cheaper. Located conveniently next to Commonwealth MRT Station, this book shop opens every day from 9am to 9pm.  Since they are only few schools left in Queenstown, this is the one and only book shop serving the residents in the Tanglin Halt district. So, MyQueenstown has decided to peek into the shop to find out the best deals! 

N S Book Shop at Blk 88

We approach the shop keeper, Mdm Liew Mee Loon, at that moment and to our surprise, we discover her to be the mother of the multi-lingual girl, Poh Ee who lives in Tanglin Halt.

Hi Mdm Liew, how long have you been working in the Book Shop?
I've worked in the shop for about 2 and 1/2 years. I used to work in Courts! It is very convenient for me because I stay in Blk 89 and I can take care of my school going daughter. I used to stay in Blk 53.

How's business in the Book Shop?
As this book shop is located near the MRT station, there is a steady stream of customers all the time. However, we feel that this district remains a bit dull. Maybe the authorities can consider conducting special events such as Pasar Malam to pull in more crowd into the area. That will be great!

We've realised that you're the mother of Poh Ee, whom we've interviewed earlier on! We understand that she was sent to Malaysia. Why is that so?
I would like her to be independent and learn how to take care of herself. I've left her with my brother-in-law and hopefully, she can learn a new language. Sometimes she will ask me, "Mom, why do you not want me and leave me in a foregin country alone?" Initially, it hurts me to hear that because I, myself, remains sad for not being able to witness her growing up! However, when she returned from Malaysia and became stronger and more matured, she understood my well intentions!

Rows of Stationery!

Mdm Liew, the shop keeper at N S Bookshop

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