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Old Photos? Old Stories? We Need Them!

By my queenstown on Sunday, December 5, 2010 with 0 comments

Old stories, old memories and old photos... My Queenstown intends to collate the memories and pictures of Queenstown residents into a book and would like to urge residents, ex-residents or workers to come forward and contribute to the social fabric of our community.

What you can contribute?
You can digitalised your old photographs (present pictures are fine too!) or pass the hard copy to us via myqueenstown@gmail.com or arrange a separate appointment for us to collect the old photographs by SMS 91769891. A separate interview will be conducted to record your memories and accounts of various landmarks and features of the estate. We welcome any photographs and any accounts!

How you can contribute?
Unsure of what you can do? If you don't have photographs or a good memory, you can assist us by helping to collect those photographs! Send us a message on facebook here or via myqueenstown@gmail.com!

All the photographs and accounts will not be published without prior permission! =)

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