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Glory 39A

By my queenstown on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 with 0 comments

The writing is on the wall and many structures that leave Queenstown residents with many wonderful memories are going to be removed one day. Living in Queenstown for half a century and half of which at BLK 39A is Mr Zheng. He was standing on the corridor and explaining to me the various structures that had been built, declined and subsequently removed around the 18-storey tall flat. 

The flat he used to live has been flattened... all that was left is a field

He recalled fondly of staying in Margaret Drive. He would often swim in the Alexandra Canal, that was swampy and mushy. He would often venture deep into the catchment behind Margaret Drive to build treehouses and catch spiders with his friends. 

He moved to Blk 39A 26 years ago after he was married. While he was a teenager, he wanted to stay in the tallest flat, that is Blk 39A in Queenstown at the point of time. This place has followed him a large part of his life. He has two sons and a daughter.

In front of his flat were rows of 2-storey shops and Tah Chung Emporium, which sold hardwares and clothes. At the background were Venus and Golden City Theatres that were built at the same period with Blk 39. On the right were Queenstown Polyclinic, which opened its doors in 1963 and to his left was a wet market, which was converted into a furniture mall.

Mr Zheng was understandly emotional when he recalled all the memories that have filled half his life. He recalled the poor living conditions at Chinatown, before moving to Queenstown Estate. Though, he will be moving to the skyscrappers at Dawson in 2 years' time, he understands that he will not be having a common area, friendly neighbours who know each other and his favourite food at the food centre.

It used to be a polyclinic on the right... It used to have Tah Chung in front of his flat...

For Mr Zheng who has lived in Queenstown for most part of his life, everything seems to be flashing across his eyes. And for Queenstown residents, it seems like these places will soon be a part of your memory...

Mr Zheng and Me

Everything has changed... But life gonna move on

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