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the Man, the Woman and the Shop!

By my queenstown on Sunday, February 14, 2010 with 0 comments

He was born and raised in a shop house located at South Bridge Road, Singapore. She was born in a kampung in Malaysia. He lived with his uncle during his childhood. She used to have a big basin to collect rainwater because she liked the "ti ta ti ta" sound during her childhood. He had a passion in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She came to Singapore to study. And that's how they met, married in 1972 and have 3 grown up children.

They are Mr and Mrs Nuo. They are your familiar shop keepers of Tong Hoe Drug Store at Blk 157 Mei Ling Street. Mr Nuo has been working in the drug store for 41 years and he knows the uses of every medicine in his shop. If you got a cold, you can even choose what kind of treatment you want to because his shop has stockpile of every kind and brand of medicine you may prefer! Mrs Nuo, the lady behind a successful man, will keep the drug store spick and span, so that every customer entering the store will have an unique experience. Sincerity, is what they exude in abundance as I enter the shop. They are really friendly and hospitable. 

Mei Ling Street's model couple

"Business has been declining," Mr Nuo complains. I stayed in the shop for more than an hour and notice that the flow of customers has been slow. I understand their concerns of being unable to pay off rental arrears every month. He believes the estate is not convenient without banks and other facilities. Perhaps some sparks are needed to spruce up the market area at Meiling. However, being optimistic and joyous, they quickly forget their concerns as soon as they mention it. Yups, they are a happy couple. 

Happy valentine's day! Happy Chinese New Year!

The familiar signboard
The ultra neat arrangement of medicines and necessities of all kinds!

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