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Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre

By my queenstown on Sunday, August 29, 2010 with 1 comment

Like the old Tanglin Halt Market & Food Centre located a stone's throw away, Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre (Blocks 1, 2 & 3) is home to some of Queenstown's most decorated hawker stalls and historical heritage. Singapore's singular passion for food is "rooted in the scrumptious street-side hawker fare," which could be found virtually every part of the estates in the 1960s and early 1970s. Itinerant hawkers were plentiful near Block 39 Tanglin Halt Road and there were at least 20 hawker stalls. Residents do not have to spend a lot and they can "eat until they're very full." Health and hygiene weren't main concerns then. The servings were extremely generous yet cost little.

Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre

The three linear blocks is home to more than 120 stalls in its heyday. Some of the most recognised names include No.1 Western Food (opened in 1981) and Shun Xing Hot and Cold Dessert 顺兴清甜五味汤 (opened for 47 years) continue to draw huge crowds during the lunch and dinner time. However, as the three blocks were built separately and not connected to one another, the hawker centre is a prey to scorching heat and thunderstorm. 

Crowds in the 1980s

Major renovation works took place in 2009 where toilets are upgraded, floor and wall tiles were replaced and roofs were rebuilt so that patrons have seamless access in the three blocks. This hawker centre was closed for 10 months.

Tanglin Halt residents can now enjoy better ventilation in the hawker centre. Though some stallholders were initially unhappy that leaves from the surrounding trees tend to fall through the gaps and litter one corner of the hawker centre after a strong wind, the installation of of wired nettings by the design consultants have addressed these problems. Now, natural ventilation and light makes patrons "happy" and everyone is "enjoying" their meals! 

Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre before the Makeover
Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre after the Makeover

The makeover of the hawker centre has drawn crowds from neighbouring districts and offices such as One North and Biopolis. Community events such as "CLAP" has revitalised Tanglin Halt and catapulted the district to be one of the most desirable and envied in Queenstown. Younger Tanglin Halt residents, today, have forgone their modern hangout locations like Holland Village or Orchard for a taste of familiarity in this hawker centre. Tanglin Halt has reborn!

Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre Shines Brightly in the Night Sky

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Anonymous said...
March 18, 2014 at 2:53 PM

Thanks for the wonderful picture of the original Tanglin Halt food centre. As I look at the photo, I still remember all the old stalls and where each was located. As a child, that was a significant part of my memory. The notable ones were the Fried Hokkien Mee, the Yong Tau Fu, the drinks stall that sold preserved lemon drink, the mum and pop stall who sold crispy carrot cake topped with chopped luncheon meat, the two fishball noodle stalls...the old toy stall that kept me amused no end, the old man selling mee goreng and soup kambing, the 2 western food stall (that was a big treat thing then to be eating chicken chop)

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