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MyQueenstown Dessert Feast!

By my queenstown on Saturday, August 7, 2010 with 0 comments

The day started brightly. Eating is our number 1 pastime and we're all excited about the potluck style, dessert theme feast! Everyone brought our little snacks and desserts. There were a huge blackforest cake, 3 boxes of ice creams, 2 tubs of agar-agar, 1kg of nuggets, a dozen egg tarts, packets of crackers, etc... We have one mission today-FINISH THEM ALL!

The Black Forest Cake

Nuggets and Sausages 

Getting fat is the our last, insignificant concern today! Participants have already expected that when they accepted our invitation through our online portal earlier this month. Sweet stuff always make you feel relaxed and happy. That's particular true! We continue to stuff kilograms of calories from our beloved desserts. (P.S.: Jared finished 5 egg tarts!) 

All of us feel great after feasting the different kinds of desserts and snacks. Don't be envious of us! 

The Magnum King!

We Want More Dessert!

Ice Cream Ninjas!

There was a point in time when some of us simply could not go on any further with the dessert items because they were simply too much to handle. After a sumptuous dessert feast, we proceed on to play some board games in the afternoon. Guess what did we play again? Yups, it's Monopoly! Owning properties and building homes seemed to the most exciting game with a mass appeal.

We are Going to Build Houses!

Take a Chance Card!

Kelvin owned 4 train stations and took home the most cash! Poor Wen Cong has to "donate" every cash he earned from rental and his "salary" until he became pok kai! All of us simply laughed and laughed nonstop! It was fun to learn new friends and play games!

The Banker! *Look at the Money Face!!*

Time and tide waits for no man as the evening sun shimmered through the windows of the multipurpose activity room. We got to leave! But we leave with smiles and more of them!

Happy Day!

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