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TOP 10!! Happiest People

By my queenstown on Saturday, August 21, 2010 with 1 comment

According to researcher David Lykken, 50% of one's happiness depends on our genes while the remaining 50% is correlated to an individual's life circumstances, which include socioeconomic status, marriage, deliberate actions to make oneself happier, etc. In Queenstown, residents engage in meaningful activities and make many friends and lead happy-go-lucky lives. Today, let MyQueenstown Team recollects the ten happiest moments in Queenstown!

Mdm Tan in a majestic Qing dynasty costume 

Interracial and inter-religious activities can be fun and exciting. Understand the culture of another race and religion allow us to gain knowledge and wisdom. Mdm Tan wore a traditional costume and shared her grace with the participants of a grassroots activity earlier on.

School has ended!

Chit-chatter and laughter filled the air every noon in Strathmore. Streams of students dashed out of the school gate at Queenstown Primary School and looked for their parents or maids, who were bringing them home. There were anxious parents looking frantically for their children, whose classmates had already gone home. Which parent doesn't love their child? 

Zul the skate boarder!

Zul was performing skateboarding tricks such as pivoting (spinning only on the back wheels), wheeling (two dimensional maneuvers riding on two wheels), hippie jumping (high jumping over a bar and landing on the board again) when we saw him during an interview with Go Sports! The best thing in life is to forget all your worries and 'sweat it all out.'

Old Folks & Christmas Day

It was Christmas and volunteers at the Queenstown Multi-service Centre had organised a mini celebration for the elderly persons congregating at the service centre. These elderly person behaved like kids and enjoyed the performances put up by the volunteers. "Laughter is the best medicine!"


The multi purpose pavilion between Blk 82 and Blk 83 along Strathmore Avenue is full of life and vigour every Tuesday night. A dozen ladies was dancing happily to the beats of oldies such as "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" and bubblegum Asian pop songs such as "Nobody." Their pastime is line dancing and they did it happily with their neighbours and friends.

The Almost Completed SkyTerrace@ Dawson

Tearful residents from Blk 39A and Blk 6C complained to us about the impending demolishing of their homes and memories this February. Fast forward 6 months, many of them had gotten their keys to the new flats in Dawson under the Selective Enbloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). Brighter lifts, spanking new playgrounds and other facilities had made them 'smile.' Of course, some of them may be laughing their way to the bank as their flats are worth some 2.5 times more!

NCC practice at Queenstown Secondary School

Wearing a beret and doing drills can be tiring, especially when the sun is blazing mercilessly at you! Students from Queenstown Secondary School was practising their routine drills when we visited the school earlier this year. We heard shrieks of laughters. What is better than striving together with a group of friends? 

Every morning on Thursdays and Saturdays, there will be a group of bird enthusiasts gathering at the void deck of Blk 39A with half dozen to a dozen cages of birds. Watching the birds dance and listening to their crisp and clear whistling, many Queenston residents found friends and soul mates here. Mr Lee Cheng Aik, 55, is one of them. It is believed that the low ceiling and many pillars around Blk 39A provide a conducive environment for birds to sing a melody gleefully. And many residents are captivated by the unique attraction at the void deck and join the group. 

Cleaning and Painting a Rental Flat Together

These students were scrapping charred walls and painting the ceiling when MyQueenstown Team spotted them. These charred walls and unpainted ceiling belonged to the rental residents at Blk 156 Stirling Road and students from Fairfield Methodist Secondary Students were there to 'makeover' their houses and improve their living conditions.

The sky is the limit! Kiting enthusiasts in Queenstown congregate together this June for kite flying in Strathmore (Our Home!). They toiled the merciless sun and endured the numerous let downs (by the wind) and flew the kites high up in the sky! 

Happiness is not a certainty. As long as we keep ourselves in the right track, we will definitely find our own niche and laughter! 

Which is your happiest moment/people? Tell us in our facebook page!

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