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Tonight@MyQueenstown #9- Lelong! Lelong! Pasar Malam is Back!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 with 1 comment

Some say 5 years, some say ten. Someone told us that the previous night market in Queenstown is located at the former site of Queens' Condo whereas Ghim Moh residents tipped us about a pasar malam held at their premises a few years back. If the former is true, that means Queenstown doesn't have a pasar malam for the past 13 years! It's not hard to see why, judging by our residents' overwhelming response, in terms of crowds, at the Pasar Malam opposite Queensway Shopping Centre and Anchorpoint. 

Beautiful Lights along Alexandra Road

Mdm Han, a Stirling View resident for 40 years, mentioned that Pasar Malam were actually open air. Goods were laid on the concrete pavement without any tents. Occasionally, they would be plays and skits at the start or end of the stretch-to the pleasure of the children and older folks. Today, the night market appears to transform themselves in response to shopping malls (that never closes.) They are some household appliances, decorations and equipment that can be hardly in shopping malls or plazas. Snacks with mass appeal such as muah chee, Ramly burger, Taiwanese Sausages are attracting crowds too.

Durians, Durians, Yummy Yummy

Turkish Kebabs!

Another feature of this night market that allures us is certainly the auction where a seasoned auctioneer will call for the crowd to bid for some prized items such as statues and calligraphy pieces. 

Auctioning @ the Pasar Malam

The activity that steals the most smiles and glees in the pasar malam is definitely not the ear splitting auctioning but the mini amusement park located next to the auction. Kids, who tug their parents along to pay for their little adventures, scream in elation as they enjoy themselves thoroughly!

Choo Choo Train!

Mommy see how I slide!

A different kind of carousel

I can float!

Crowds at the Pirate Ship!

MyQueenstown Team spotted many residents, young and old alike, enjoying themselves throughout pasar malam! Did you have fun at the pasar malam?

Throngs of crowd at the Pasar Malam

Kelvin and Yuhua were having fun!

So does June!

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Anonymous said...
August 6, 2010 at 3:32 PM

Yes it's great! I managed to have my Smell Toufu once again!

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