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Give Me A Plate of Nasi Briyani NOW!!

By my queenstown on Thursday, August 5, 2010 with 2 comments

Today, MyQueenstown Team followed a long, snaking queue at Tanglin Halt searching for "Makan Shiok!" food. This queue brought us to a retro-styled restaurant where the delightful aroma of Briyani tickled our senses. Hence, we ordered a plate of Briyani and saw for ourselves how this plate of colourful curry rice attracted so many residents.

A sumptuous plate of Nasi Biryani

Briyani or beryan in Persian, means fried or roasted. A traditional rice dish from Indian Muslims, Nasi Briyani is popular among Singaporeans from all ages. Numerous spices and condiments were used in the briyani we had taken. Beans, cloves, cinnamon, coriander, giner, the list goes on. We chose chicken as the many ingredient that accompanies the spices. Served with a plate of curry, the rice and curry were brought together and layered resulting in a dish of contrasting flavours of unflavoured rice and intensely flavoured curry!

Rasheed and Kassim

Operated by brothers Kassim and Rasheed, "Tanglin Halt Roti Prata and Nasi Briyani" stall has been serving the residents for the past 15 years. Their "unique" method of marinating the chicken is passed on for 2 generations. Before moving to Tanglin Halt, their grandparents were itinerant hawkers peddling in a trishaw along Geylang Serai and Tanjong Pagar. 


Another unique feature of the restaurant was the retro styled design that we can rarely see in Singapore today. The drinks stall in the restaurant will feature shelves of tins and evaporated milk, resembling the shophouses of the yesteryears. 

Tins of evaporated milk

Having a palatable plate of nasi briyani in this restaurant brought us back to the 1960s where our parents would spend a morning with their siblings in a shop house having kaya toasts and hot coffee. It was a mystery why the owner had refused to modernise the shop house and decorate them with fanciful colours and tiles. Perhaps, memories are made of this...

Peking Room restaurant in Tanglin Halt

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