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Snacks Attack #6 - Power Puffs

By my queenstown on Thursday, November 4, 2010 with 0 comments

There are a few hawker stalls in Queenstown which sell traditional curry puffs. But none of them can be compared with the "nameless" Malay food stall located next to the famous Double Chef Zi Char Stall and Swee Hin Restaurant. It's big and the filling is generous. It's not surprising this stall can sell numerous puffs a day.

The ultra large sized Curry Puffs

These "power" puffs come in three flavours, curry chicken puffs, curry potato puffs and sardine puffs. Every bite on the puffs produces the "cccrraack" sound and it remains crispy for a few hours after you bought from the stall. The hot and savoury curry gravy would then ooze from the puffs, making every bite memorable.

Mdm Sarinah

Mdm Sarinah, 57, has been selling delicious curry puffs at Commonwealth Crescent for the past 2 years. When asked about the reasons for her success in making these puffs, she explained that ingredients used for making the handmade puffs are prepared daily. So, don't miss out on the curry puffs!

Snack Attack - Swee Hin Restaurant (Curry Puffs)
Address: Block 116 Commonwealth Crescent #01-129 
Opening Hours: 6.30am-6pm (Curry Puffs will be sold from 12.30pm onwards)

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