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The Name Game #6: The Cheeky Stirling Road

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This road was first thought to be named after the British currency, Pound Sterling. A convenient check online revealed that many private addresses, including Queenstown Swimming Pool, bears the name "Sterling Road." Hence we come to this conclusion that the possibility of Stirling Road being named after the official currency of the United Kingdom is very high. However, a browse over the several references and the national archives reveal otherwise. What's wrong, or what's special about this cheeky and winding road called Stirling Road?

Stirling Road

Originally called Soo Bin Road, this winding stretch of road was renamed as Stirling Road in 1956, after a prominent artist, William George Stirling. William Stirling arrived in Malaya in 1907 at the age of 20 and joined the government in the Monopolies and Customs Services two years later. In 1915, he began a long and distinguished connection with the Chinese Protectorate in Malacca. While studying the Chinese Language in Canton (China), he married Chan Chee Man, daughter of Chan Kwan Fuk, a prominent merchant in the city. Stirling served as Assistant Protector of Chinese in Singapore from 1921 until 1931. A protector "serves" to protect the rights of the ethnic communities and he provides a "link" to the British government on the demands and needs of the Chinese community.

Stirling View, an estate named after William George Stirling 

He later developed his artistic ability for his "Shadow on a Malayan screen," portraying men and women of many races.He turned to sculpture in 1935 and many of his bronze sculptures can be found in the National Museum today.

Stirling Road at Night

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