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Fire Safety Awareness @ Tiong Ghee Temple

By my queenstown on Monday, November 8, 2010 with 1 comment

The Singapore Civil Defence Force was invited by Tiong Ghee temple's management committee on 7 November to promote fire safety awareness. Sergeant Ali commented that there is an increasing number of invitations for fire safety awareness being sent to their Civil Defense department, especially towards the Chinese New Year festival in 2011. The Civil Defense public affairs branch would usually require a month's prior notice in order for them to visit the various venues. Invitations are mostly sent by religious groups to visit and educate residents at places of worship such as churches, temples and mosques.

From left (Norman, Garinder, Budi, Ali)

Firstly, the team would lay out their equipment in preparation for the fire demonstration. Secondly, they would educate the residents on the various tips and theories of fire prevention such as the clearing of fire hazards from corridors. Next, the team would carry out their practical session where residents are invited to put out simulated wok fires.

Equipment for Demonstration

70 year old Meiling resident, Mdm Toh, commented that it is a rewarding experience for her as she had learnt how to put out small kitchen fires, which is of great practical use. She would like to thank the Civil Defense team for their great work serving the community.  

Mei Ling Resident

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