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The Name Game #9: The Atas Houses in Sheep's Names

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Merino Crescent, Barbary Walk, Shepherd's Drive... are road names in the private estate towards Stirling Road. One look at the rooster of governors, royalties or community leaders would indicate that these roads were not named after prominent people from the colonial age, unlike the other roads within Queenstown. These roads are neither named after international organisations (Commonwealth) nor meaningful Chinese characters (obvious right!). This puzzles us. So what do these names have to do with Queenstown?

Shepherd Drive

Shepherd Drive is renamed in 1955 after a person who tends, feeds or guards flocks of sheep. This is because Shepherd Hill was located next to Stirling and there used to be farms where goats and cows are allowed to roam freely around Stirling Road. 
Barbary Walk

Barbary Walk was named after a species of sheep which are native to the Rocky Mountain in North America. This type of sheep are found in arid mountainous areas where they graze and browse grass, bushes and lichens. They are active in the day and late afternoon and freeze in presence of danger and extreme heat.

Barbary Sheep

Merino Crescent

Merino Crescent is named after an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its soft and fine wool. It is bred all over the world and the record price for a Merino sheep can reach up to $450,000. Its wool is used to make dresses, quilt and carpets.

Merino Sheep

Angora Close

Angora Close is named after a breed of domestic goat which originated in Ankara (formerly known as Angora). Angora goats produce lustrous fibre which can be used to make coats that are denser.


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