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MyQueenstown Votes #1 - Who will win the Election?

By my queenstown on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 with 2 comments

From this blog post, MyQueenstown will embark on an extensive coverage on the elections within our community. Unlike the traditional media and alternative media, this site will focus on residents' opinions, community's aspirations (aka what residents want) and the straw polls we have collected through our extensive network of volunteers and contributors in Queenstown. There will be no coverage on any political party as our team decides to stay neutral. The purpose of this site is to keep residents updated on the electoral process as well as to explore the main areas of concerns within our estate.

The first straw poll was conducted from March 8 - March 20. There are 520 residents who are interviewed for their views on the elections. All of these residents lived in Queenstown (including Brickworks). Some of these residents will be featured in the upcoming posts. The surveys or interviews are conducted in various spots in our estates. They include Commonwealth Crescent Market, Mei Ling Market, Block 88 Tanglin Halt, Tanglin Halt Hawker Centre, Stirling View, Block 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, Dawson Place & Queenstown MRT. 

This election is going to be an exciting and meaningful one. The opposition camp has been more prepared while the candidates of the ruling party were "deemed as more controversial" compared to the previous elections. What makes this election even more important is that Queenstown will form about half the entire electorate in Tanjong Pagar GRC (strange name). 

The results of the first poll:

Opposition: 37%
Ruling Party: 58%

Opposition: 45%
Ruling Party: 36%

Opposition: 38%
Ruling Party: 32%

Opposition: 55%
Ruling Party: 29%

Opposition: 32%
Ruling Party: 56%

Opposition: 42%
Ruling Party: 36%

Opposition: 40%
Ruling Part: 43%

Of course, there are many different issues propping up during the elections. Before we dwell into the specifics of different issues, let us take a peek at the likely issues among Queenstown residents and the breakdown of popular support into different age groups.

Older Singaporeans are likely to vote for the ruling party while the young ones aren't in Queenstown

Top 5 areas of concerns in Queenstown

The top 5 areas of concerns were pretty similar to a national poll conducted by Today newspaper yesterday. As the proportion of elderly in Queenstown is above the national average, the availability of elderly schemes has become a source of concerns among families with senior citizens. Furthermore, the cleanliness and maintenance from the Town Council has worried residents particularly in Strathmore & Stirling View. Other issues that have been suggested among our residents include accessibility in hilly areas (Commonwealth & Stirling View), jobs & education prospects, availability of opportunities to contribute in the community as well as the lack of amenities (particularly in Strathmore). 

This straw poll also distances from the poll which we have conducted last August-September where there is a significant drop in popularity polls for the ruling party in Strathmore. Residents there cite the lack of amenities (due to closure of Margaret Drive NTUC, Margaret Drive Hawker Centre) and lack of accessibility (transport) despite a growing population.

We will feature some of the top issues and concerns among various segments of the Queenstown community
Read About the TOP Issues about General Elections within Queenstown: 

Amenities in Strathmore and Dawson
Elderly's Concerns about Infrastructure and Programmes
Public Transport in Queenstown
Rising costs of Hawker Food and Necessities 

Archived Reports
In the mean time, let us browse through some of the previous issues reported:

2) Rising Cost of Living in Queenstown

3) The "Outstanding" Maintenance & Cleanliness Problems

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8) Lost of Heritage 

9) Affordability of Houses in Queenstown

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April 15, 2011 at 8:09 AM

Why is this page removed? http://myqueenstown.blogspot.com/2010/09/paying-high-price-for-home.html is the beloved Queenstown blog trying to hide the fact that resale prices are over the roof for Queenstown now?

my queenstown said...
April 16, 2011 at 3:51 PM

Please check and access the link again. Thanks

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