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Home Sweet Home #11 - From Stirling View with Love

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Senthil Nayagam, 39, lives with his wife and teenage son in Stirling Road Blk 170. They have been in Singapore for the past 2 years and now call Stirling Road their new home. 

Senthil and his wife

His wife and himself frequently visit Meiling market for their groceries and meals, and have also familiarize themselves with the NTUC branch located just below their flat. Since their family are vegetarians, they prefer home cooked meals but they still do enjoy the occasional Chinese vegetarian dishes such as 'Mock Chicken' and Fried Bee Hoon.

Block 170 Stirling Road

Senthil feels safe living in Stirling and Singapore in general, as policemen can been seen patrolling the area and Singaporeans are generally kind. He even allows his son to play till lights off at the badminton court under his flat at night.

Being a devout Hindu, Senthil and his family visits the Sri Muneeswaran Temple. He was curious that the Blessed Sacrament Church is located just beside the temple. He is amazed by the unique sight in Singapore, which reinforces the stand on religious harmony. Senthil explained that this would never be possible in India as each individual Hindu temples would blast loud music through a dozen loudspeakers.

On a final note, Senthil would like to continue living in Singapore and make it his permanent home. However, the main part of his decision would lie on his work engagements and would sadly leave if his work requests him to.

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