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MyQueenstown Panorama #6 - Election Time!

By my queenstown on Sunday, March 6, 2011 with 1 comment

For once, the majority of Queenstown's 29,812 households and 85,000 population would go to the polls as a one community together. With the inclusion of the 'Buona Vista' ward into the Group Representative Constituency, the proportion of Queenstown residents will be the largest accounting more than half of the eligible voters.

Starting from this week, MyQueenstown Team will continue to give an insight into the Queenstown community and local issues which affect them; an update on the polls where our correspondents will interview and survey residents on their preferred choices. (No photographs will be published to protect the identity of the respondents from zealous people)

In this article, we will present feedbacks from residents in the 7 districts of Queenstown and explore on the topics or points of contentions.

Queenstown is almost reunited

District 1/2: Duchess/Princess Estate
The removal of Margaret Drive Hawker Center raised concerns from residents on the possibility of visiting pricier food centres in Dawson Place in the absence of a hawker centre. With the rising costs of living already punishing low income earners, the removal of the hawker centre also pose a problem for residents in Strathmore and Dawson as it is now more inconvenient.

Other hot button local issues include the deteriorating cleanliness in the district where residents are looking forward to better quality maintenance. Mr. Ong, who lives in Strathmore, commented, "there seems to be rubbish everywhere - in the lifts, in the parks and in the car parks. There are some places in Queenstown where there are insufficient car parks."

Mrs. Lim (Strathmore), who have two young children, "I wonder if they are going to build more schools here or open more classes. There are not enough child care for my younger daughter. And I have enrolled my son to Clementi Town Primary School because there are not enough places in Queenstown and New Town Primary School. It is so inconvenient and I have to work."

District 3: Tanglin Halt
The road alignments along Tanglin Halt and Commonwealth Drive continue to baffle drivers and residents alike. One part of Tanglin Halt was converted into a two-way street last year whereas the portion closer to Blessed Sacrament Church remains a one-way street. The result: Confusion, Jams and illegal U-turning. 

The repainting of several chap lau chus along Commonwealth Drive was welcomed by residents, especially that these flats were in dire conditions prior to the upgrading. The residents are also looking forward to other enhancements such as the introduction of a new playground in Commonwealth Park. Other Tanglin Halt residents are green with envy. Mr. Lim (Block 20+) said "I hope they can come and paint my block too. The lift is a little creaky as well."

District 4: Commonwealth Estate 
What's there for residents to complain here? The flats along Commonwealth Crescent and Holland Close look like condominiums. The markets were refurbished and the estate is located next to Holland Village. However, Mdm Chen (Block 81) do have her views on the accessibility of the flats at Commonwealth Heights. 

She said, "The residents are getting older and many of us can no longer climb the flight of stairs to the bus stops at Queensway or Commonwealth Avenue." 

District 5: Queens' Close
No markets, no food centres, no facilities. Queens' Close is located at the corner of Queenstown estate. Ever since the demolishing of Queens' Crescent in the 1990s, residents in Queens' Close have to be contended doing their marketing at the inaccessible Mei Ling Market or take a bus ride to Brickworks market two stops away. The dimly lit estate was also a concern for residents returning home every day. 

A resident living in Block 23A had several heart burning issues but she declined to be named, "This is a small secluded area and I don't see the Police patrolling as often. There were noises at night and I wonder where they came from. This district may be quiet and condusive for my child to study. But in terms of security and safety, I need to wait at the lift lobby every night when she comes home."

How about Mei Ling and Buona Vista district? Stay tune for MyQueenstown Panorama next week!

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vizard said...
March 9, 2011 at 3:45 AM

There's lots of issues around Queenstown:

1. The ageing population staying here are disadvantaged by the lack of elderly-friendly paths and facilities.
2. Queensway and Farrer Road are becoming extremely noisy roads because they are the connecting links between PIE and AYE now. It'll only get worse for residents staying along these 2 main trunks.
3. With the new estates coming up at Margaret Drive, and Farrer Road side, traffic will not only worsen around here, but there's still a lack of daily facilities like supermarkets. Not sure if the NTUC at Margaret Dr is now gone but eventually it will, and will it be replaced? Parking is never an issue at NTUC Margaret Dr unlike other supermarkets nearby.
4. The pace of redevelopment is crazy... over the past few years so many memorable landmarks (which you have wonderfully captured)are gone.. Where's Singapore's history? Demolished away into nothingness..
5. The only access to Holland Village via Jln Hitam Manis for residents at Holland Hill and COmmonwealth Crescent is a poorly lit drain beside a house, near an abandoned playground. When will they provide a better access to HV?

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