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MyQueenstown (MQ) Leaks #1 - Lazy Bug Bites

By my queenstown on Thursday, January 6, 2011 with 0 comments

MyQueenstown Leaks is an all new segment which involves residents and friends of Queenstown providing emails, photographs and other "evidence" to allegedly pinpoint at certain flaws within some organisations and anti-social behaviour displayed by residents. MQ Leaks will depict a micro aspect of problems that frustrate individuals within Queenstown. Today, a volunteer at the Community Centre talks about an errant and irresponsible staff.

The community centre is a place where residents come together, mingle with fellow residents and do meaningful activities to benefit the community. However, such altruistic involvement can be affected by incompetent figures and irresponsible staff. Here is one:

The incident began when volunteers prepare for a performance for children from low-income families. This particular PAID staff, Ms P, was attached to the volunteers to assist them with the preparation. Emails was sent to Ms P, requesting her assistance to print "consent forms" and other relevant documents for the programme. This is Ms P's reply:

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This may not be something surprising. Not receiving attachment can be very common, considering some of us can be careless in the process of sending attachments in email. However, the same incident occurs three weeks later when the same team of volunteers requires Ms P's assistance in preparing forms of an education programme for children from low-income families. This time around, her excuse is: "there were problems with system compatibility with your files."

Same excuse again

It was understood that Ms P, a wellness manager at the CC, is infamous among the volunteers for her "excuses" during her failure in completing her tasks in assisting the residents to complete activities. Is she lazy? incompetent? or simply too "new"? Well, it's for you to judge.

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