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Before Dawn @ MyQueenstown #2 - Morning Exercise Mania!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 with 0 comments

It's 4am in the morning and many of us are sleeping snugly under our cozy blankets. Even if a Santa Claus has chosen to give us a thousand dollars, we may not want to drag ourselves up for an early breakfast, not to mention, a morning run. When MyQueenstown Team visited the dim-lit Queenstown stadium early this morning, it was already busking with activities. Hence, it is not surprising we discover who are the avid runners within our community!

Queenstown Stadium at 3.30am

Sporting enthusiasts begin streaming in at 4am, around 30 minutes after we station ourselves at the stadium. Mr Ong, 65, is one such avid runner who comes every to the stadium every morning from his home at Blk 28 in Tanglin Halt. As he is a patient with heart problems, his doctors advise him to exercise every morning. Hence, he would complete 10 rounds in the stadium.

Mr Ong doing warm ups

When asked about why he come to the stadium so early in the morning, he says, " The air is fresher in the morning and the place is quieter. Moreover, I have make some friends who are exercising in the morning too!"

Sushila, an accountant, is one friend whom Mr Ong has made while exercising at the stadium every morning! She lives at Blk 184 Stirling Road and wakes up every morning at 4am for her 1 hour long brisk walking at the stadium. Like Mr Ong, Sushila would exercise with her friends. Her family members will join her at around 6am. 

Sporting enthusiast - Sushila!

She explains that going to the stadium for a jog at 6pm will be tiring for her, especially after a long day at work. She will prepare breakfast for her family after her walk!

Are you game enough to wake up at 4am for an exercise?

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