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MyQueenstown Votes #8 - Apprehension, Worries & Fears

By my queenstown on Wednesday, April 27, 2011 with 1 comment

In 15 hours, the new community leader rose from an unknown figure to the representative leader of Singapore's first satellite estate. Although he is a president scholar and a lecturer at one of prominent medical college in Singapore, he does not live in Queenstown and do not know about the challenges, demographics, history, grassroots activists, community issues, so on and so forth. 

He is a "back-up" candidate from the ruling party and is not their first choice. So how will a second choice candidate be "good" for Queenstown? If he is that "good", why is he not selected in the first place? Without political competition, there is no way residents and volunteers will know how "good" he is!

The worries and concerns as well as the long history and heritage of Queenstown are well documented here. MyQueenstown Team would like to credit the previous leader for the changes and response to the civic requests in this platform and we strive to strengthen this approach for as long as possible. Is the previous leader willing to "show the ropes" to this greenhorn politician?

Resident, Tan Wee Loong, 28, was interviewed by MyQueenstown Team this afternoon and expressed his disappointment at the political development here. He said, "Who is the new guy? I don't know him. He don't know me. He don't know the area well."

MyQueenstown Team is apprehensive and wary, though this community leader may eventually become a bright spark. At this stand point, the future may not bode too well for Queenstown and the residents here. Let us pray hard that he is a dynamic, sincere and caring leader. Otherwise, Queenstown is going to be a disconnected community with no historical roots, no civic spirit and no aspirations for the future.

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Anonymous said...
April 28, 2011 at 9:49 AM

My Baey is a well liked MP with good people skills. Many QT resident loves him and believes that he has the best intent for the people in QT. It's very sad for QT to see him leave, it takes time to connect with the grassroot and with this switch, everything back to square one for him (and the resident of QT).

The truth is Tampanies need someone like Mr Baey to not loosing the entire GRC, with the other unpopular Minister there. We may never know the real truth behind Mr. Tan's pullout - personal? the party's decision?

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