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Tonight@MyQueenstown #4: Sale! Sale! Sale!

By my queenstown on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 with 1 comment

Some of the Queenstown residents remained unconvinced by our recent coverage on the possible night activities they could involved themselves in because they are too lazy (to run at Alexandra Canal Linear Park!), too health conscious (to gulp a bucket full of chicken wings) or too shy (to follow fashionable ladies learning line dances). No Worries! In our quest to disprove the notion that "Queenstown is boring!" we find ourselves in a shopping paradise, that is, Anchorpoint!

For many years, Anchorpoint has been overshadowed by its more illustrious neighbours, IKEA and Queensway Shopping Centre. Posters at Queenstown MRT Station will show you how to go to the latter two shopping malls but not Anchorpoint! However, visitors to Anchorpoint, like us, will know how "cheap" your shopping will be by lugging all the stuff there home! 

The current Anchorpoint and IKEA sit on a very famous historical structure, Archipelago Brewery Company (hereby the name ABC Brickworks!). ABC was Singapore's first commercial brewery established in 1931 by German businessmen and produced Anchor Beer (hereby Anchor Point!). Brewing and production was carried out at the former Anchorpoint while those bottled beer was transported by a conveyor belt to the canning line and warehouse located at IKEA. ABC was constructed at this obscure part of Singapore because of its close proximity to the Keretapi Melayu Railways so that the produce can be exported conveniently to either the port or Malaysia. This entity was sold to Malayan Breweries in 1941. Production ceased in 1990 after the factory is relocated to Tuas.

Anchorpoint at 7.30pm

There were no traces of any beer factory when My Queenstown Team visited this mall. All we saw were groups of friends and throngs of families lugging shopping bags, smiling happily about their conquests! 

We walked one round past the the mall and it's not hard to see why! Outlet Shops! And Simply lots and lots of them! See for yourself!

City Chain Outlet for Your Watches!

Charles and Keith Outlet

Pedro Outlet Shop

Billabong Outlet

Giordano Outlet

Fox Outlet

MyQueenstown Team was equally excited and enthusiastic when we explored the mall and saw these outlet stores. Clothes and Shoes were obviously cheaper than elsewhere!

Lisa, who lives in Bukit Merah, visits Anchorpoint once a week because it's just 5 minutes from a flat!
Lisa and her family!

Yucong, also visits Anchorpoint once a week because it is close to IKEA. They are happy that there are simply too many outlet shops for them to grab their favourite item at a cheap and affordable price!

Yucong and girlfriend

Anabelle and his boyfriend too!

Spending a night in Anchorpoint is memorable too. The extensive boardwalk and landscaping located at the exterior provide visitors a quiet and serene environment to catch up with their friends and enjoy the night scenery. Who says Queenstown is boring at night?

Walkway along Anchorpoint

Boardwalk at Anchorpoint

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Joanne said...
June 30, 2010 at 12:14 AM

and to add to it, Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe open till late night, so fret not if you are hungry.. hehe..

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